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Friday, January 18, 2013

I would like to alert your readers to a scam.

I would like to alert your readers to a scam. 

My parents received a call today from an "unknown name, unknown number" - The man spoke in a foreign accent and told them they had an infection (not a virus, an "infection") on their computer. Said he was calling from Microsoft. He told my Mother it was free and all she needed to do was follow his instructions. 

Obviously a scam and thankfully my parents were wise enough to hang up...but he immediately called back. They didn't answer. 

I think the public needs to be aware of this. 

He was either after their credit card # OR wanted to somehow hack into their PC. I would like to remind everyone to never, ever give out any of your information. Especially when someone calls YOU and not vice versa. I worry about our older folks who may not understand much of today's technology. Thank you, Jim, for sharing this.



Anonymous said...

I live in Eldred and got the same call this week. I just hung up. But it was rather disturbing.

owner of FlameOut said...

My mom got this call some time ago. She is not computer lingo oriented so when he actually got her to type things in in places I could never get her to go....I was stunned when she told me. Her computer crashed as soon as she put the second or third set of things in. I assume at this point her anti-virus knew something was wrong and shut things down. She called me crying and told me what happened. I thought we would have to take it to a computer person but it crashed so when she tried it again worked. She doesn't buy anything on computer and nothing personal is on there other than email. So yes beware. I also got pretty much the same call and if you talk to them they give you numbers to call to verify they are who they are. But they are not ...I have a friend that builds computers for Gm and other corporations and he said if they call you for an infection it is totally a scam. You have to ask for help when you need doesn't just come looking for you. Good luck all.

Louise said...

We got that call too. Caller said our computer had a virus and was infecting his computer. I asked him who he was calling and he told me my husband's name. At that point my husband took the phone and asked him what he wanted. He wanted my husband to type in certain information. My husband told him he was a scammer and hung up. He called back the next day and tried again. My husband repeated that he was a scammer and hung up again.

Today my 90 year old father said he got a call stating that he was using his computer illegally. He told the guy he didn't even have a computer. Caller said "Sorry" and hung up:)

Anonymous said...

Yes, they instruct them to a fake website to download a "patch" to fix the computer. It's really a botnet operation so they can use your computer resources for botnet attacks and other criminal actions. The program gives them full access to control your computer without you knowing, so they can also get any financial info if you use the computer for that purpose.

Aimee said...

This also happened to me several months ago. I called the police to let them know it was going on and was told they couldn't do anything because they didn't actually get into my computer. Really?!?!?! Doesn't this warrant some type if investigation?

Slippery Sam the IT Man said...

This happened to me yesterday. I told the foreign speaker that I live in Pennsyltucky and didn't have electricity.....let alone a computer. Needless to say he was totally dumbfounded and stammered for a few seconds before hanging up.....

Anonymous said...

Watch out for foreign accents and incorrect grammar. That's a clue that something's rotten in Denmark.

Anonymous said...

I thought Caller ID would help to stop, but most still feel it rude to not pick up phone.

Anonymous said...

I recieved this call on Thursday and he said the same thing to me, I said I am on the do not call list and he said shut up, I said excuse me, he said shut up. I said well I am on a do not call list and he said F*** You. I hung up

Anonymous said...

I have caller ID and an answering machine.I simply don't answer any calls that I don't know the number.If it is someting important they can leave a message.Then I might call them back.Unless they want money of course or it is from that credit card I quit paying on fifteen years

Anonymous said...

I got some scam calles last October. Lady told me that my governement was messed up and that if I voted Republican the world would be all "peachy-keen".