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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Galeton Development Corp. met on January 17

The Galeton Development Corp. met on January 17 at the Brick House Cafe with
Joe Pagano presiding. A very good group of community leaders and interested
people attending. There were 17 in attendance..

Treasurer Paul Pritchard gave the financial report and updated membership

Andrew Lychalk gave the chamber of commerce report. The beautiful town
Christmas lights and Christmas display was supervised by Michele Proctor.
She did an excellent job. The chamber has committed $5,000, towards the
band house restoration.

John Ziegler, new club secretary gave the Rotary club report. Rotary held
their annual fireside meeting last week and set goals for the next six
months and updated the woodsmen's show financial report for 2012. Plans are
moving ahead for the 2013 show. The club has committed $2,500. For the band
house restoration project. March 23 is the date for the annual
comprehensive blood analysis. This is sponsored by the club in cooperation
with with Cole Memorial Hospital. The location will once again be at the
First Presbyterian Church.

Ben Hoppe, Borough Council president gave the borough report. He stated that
the Pennvest grant to update the sewer treatment plant was not received,
however, some upgrades will be made by the borough. Work has started on the
Wetmore Run water treatment project has begun. The borough authority is in
need of two more members. The community building will be advertised for sale
since the borough offices have now moved to 15 West Street. Work is
underway to construct a new sidewalk on the north side of West Main Street.
Ben reported that the Drake apartment building is being sold and will be
renovated for apartments.

Dave Wishard, Galeton Area School Superintendent, gave a detailed school
report on the many activities going on there. Energy saving studies and
maintenance upgrades with regard to heating and lighting are being
considered Galeton and Coudersport have worked out a sports agreement to
have tennis in Galeton and track and field in Coudersport. School safety
issues will be discussed at a meeting on January 28. Bsuiness manager, Mrs.
Sullivan has resigned to take a position at Mansfiled U. The school is
advertising for a replacement. Mr. Wishard reported that the school has
applied for a grant to upgrade tech programs in the school that will allow
the school to offer college credit courses. The school has been given a TNT
sign making machine and after upgrades is up and running. This highly
technical machine is used for student training and now even state highway
signs may be made at the school.. Dave spent the day yesterday in Harrisburg
meeting with legislators about educational issues especial cyberschool
programs which is placing a huge financial cost to our local school.

Mike Plummer reported that the Development Corp now has a website.also,the
Plummer's have removed an unsightly house on the north side of W. Main St.
Which is complimentary to the Gateway improvement project.

John Kelley and Joe Pagano reported that the Collins Memorial project is
moving right along with the electrical phase to begin soon. The World War
One cannon will be moved from the community building and erected on the Main
St. Overlook. The plagues on Main street are well done and a part of the
ongoing park project will be for a long term park maintenance program,
including Main Street.

Joe Pagano gave an update on the Galeton dam. The Pine Creek Watershed
Council is focused on improving the water quality in Pine Creek which will
include Trout Unlimited. Funds may be looked at for a fish ladder at the
dam and dam improvements. The dam is the reason why we have the beautiful
lake which enhances the beauty of the town and the park.

Joe reported a county resource fair will be held in Coudersport in March. The meeting was adjourned after a productive one hour session.


Anonymous said...

Removal of the dam (thermal pollution) in Galeton would open the door to the possibility of a great fishery on upper Pine Creek that would create a lot of business opportunities for the town and it's merchants. A stream would make the town much more beautiful than a shallow, silt filled hole. Fireworks would be just as pretty over flowing water as it would be over stagnant water too.

Anonymous said...

That dam was a waste of money when it was built. Waste of money to maintain. Waste of money to dredge that mucky valley they made because of the dam. Warms the water in the summer to mess up Pine Creek. Lake is shallow and pretty much lifeless. Screws up fish movement and other aquatic life cycles. Does not really provide flood protection. The only recreation on the lake is by geese and other waterfowl. Galeton had a lot of political muscle back then to get that travesty of a dam built and so they could have their expensive reflecting pool. Maybe finally some common sense will prevail and they will take out that stupid dam and let the valey return to the way it was always supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to read the first two comments here. I am sorry to say it, people of Galeton, but that dam is an environmental travesty and yes it has been a reflecting pond for photographers but that's about the only value it has. Brace yourself for a fight though because Galeton has more political clout than Coudersport. They will fight like alley cats in heat to keep that thing and all of the common sense and logic in the world will probably not matter. Just look at the big Main Street project in Galeton for all those empty parking spaces and all the money they are pouring into a park that hardly ever gets any use.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to know that since the borough have moved their offices they are not selling the community building. I was not aware of this, where will it be listed. Wasn't the money that came from selling the old Galeton Glove suppose to go to revitalize the Community Building, I wondered who pocketed those funds. How can you sell a building that is the only recreational building in the town, what are the youngsters and their families suppose to do now. I thought there was a group trying to save it, I did sign a petition a little while back in hoping they would not sell or tear it down. I can see the borough and high society (so called) folks in this town have their priorities straight $$$$$$$!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember the creek BEFORE the lake...not much happening there. The lake is beautiful. I have to wonder if it is so dead - what are all those fishermen doing there all the time?? The lake AND the park get used. Who is the judge of how much is enough NOT to destroy the beauty of our center town? For years all we had to look at was decay, empty buildings, etc. And everyone complained. Now we are finally making some positive improvements and still we have complainers!! Wow! Why must people tear down everything in order to lift up one thing? Is it really necessary to say negative things about what is done? I for one LOVE the lake, the park and what is happening on Main Street...it is just the beginning. And you are right I will fight.

Anonymous said...

I think the Borough said here that they ARE selling the Community Building! I was under the impression that they had a verbal agreement with the newly formed "Galeton Teen and Youth Group". I was told that this group was going to be leasing the Community Building and hoped to eventually be able to purchase it. Perhaps, someone from that group will be able to clarify.

Anonymous said...

Selling the Community Building, renting a location for borough offices in their own town, Raising Water bills when you cannot drink it half the time, grants coming in other places being sold and who knows there the fund so,talk of removing the dam.

I think its a good time that maybe the "officials" of this town start to explain things to us. I am sure they will say, if you want to know then some to a borough meeting. Well not everyone can, they have children, jobs that are not 9-5 and paid by the ones with the questions so why not have a normal Borough page/website where such things can be discussed, or give reasoning when you "the borough" decide something without contacting the ones who pay your bills, the community you are suppose to have the best interest in, which over and over again proves to be false.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think we need to worry about "thermal pollution" from the dam...Pine Creek (including the lake) is cold enough to make your feet numb in July.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to 10:24. I have watched Galeton whining and politicking and kissing the right political butts for about 20 years now. Take a look at where all of the government grants and projects go. God had a pretty good plan in place when he carved Pine Creek where he did and just because the town likes to have a pretty reflection pond (ie, shallow muck pit) doesn't mean we taxpayers should keep pouring money into that damn dam.