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UPMC Cole Healthy Holidays


Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Victorious Secrets: Winning Against Sexual Temptation."

Local Church to Talk Frank About Taboo Subject

Starting this Sunday morning, one local church is using the month of February to talk frankly about a subject not usually discussed in the sanctuary. Open Arms Community Church in Bradford created a splash several years ago with their series of talks on sex, and they're hoping to be able to tackle the topic again with the same candor and approach as they did in the past.

“There is no life-issue that God doesn’t address. We may not always like what He has to say, but that’s another issue. The point is: because God addresses issues that make people uncomfortable and blush, we as a church will be doing the same," says Open Arms Pastor Mike McAvoy.

Starting February 2nd, Open Arms Community Church will host a four part series of discussions entitled "Victorious Secrets: Winning Against Sexual Temptation."

“It may not be what we want to hear, but there is a right and wrong when it comes to sex. Anyone who would argue that hasn’t read the newspaper or paid attention to the divorce rate of their community,” says McAvoy. 

Open Arms frequently tries to approach topics that apply to real life in a conversational and applicable way. When it comes to sexuality, McAvoy says that the community's reaction is often mixed. “I think it’s interesting how some people get so upset about a church addressing issues of sexuality as God actually intended it to be experienced, but have absolutely no conviction or concern about letting their kids watch some PG-13 movie (or video games, or even worse R-rated movies) that has vulgar language and all types of sexuality discussed and depicted, not to mention the violence issue.”

McAvoy explains that the discussions will be geared for adults and teens, “If your kid rides the bus or goes to school, they live in a rated “R” world and we need to equip them to succeed in being free, not becoming enslaved to habits and behaviors that cultivate brokenness.”

Open Arms will provide childcare for the younger kids during the messages.

Services are Sundays, at 9:15AM or 11AM, and are also posted in their website later in the week at

The church is also hosting it's annual Superbowl Party and Chicken Wing Sauce Competition Sunday night at 6PM.


Anonymous said...

Makes about as much sense as christians usually do.

better than you said...

Yay! Another troll, where's the popcorn? This should be good...

Anonymous said...

6:02/1:09 people like you with that attitude is one of the biggest problems with the world today! Would you say the same thing about a muslim? I hope you don't have children!

Anonymous said...

I always follow the bible when it comes to matters of sexuality. That's why I bought my wife from her father for 50 shekels.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that those of you with 'wise' remarks have nothing better to do.

Anonymous said...

Yep Im a troll because I dont believe in your rediculous fairy tale you call a religion. Christian mentallity: "believe what we do or your no good"

Anonymous said...

Yes I would. And yes I have 2 children. They also believe good things come to those who work hard and not having to pay a preachers truck payment with money you dont have (offerings) to have a good life

Ann DeHaven said...

Facts on Teen Pregnancy:
• Teenage mothers are more likely to drop out of high school
• Be and remain single parents
• Score lower in math and reading into adolescence.

The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world. The Center for Disease control says that one-third of girls get pregnant before the age of 20., a site managed by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, states that there are "750,000 teen pregnancies annually. Eight in ten of these pregnancies are unintended and 81 percent are to unmarried teens."

Kudos to OA for addressing this issue! In light of the stats above, God knows somebody needs to!

Anonymous said...

There you go! Additionally, from what I've seen, many of these young teenage mothers don't take great care of their children. They're bitter and resentful and really are still childen themselves.
What's the difference whether we are forced to contribute toward making a Welfare recipient's truck payment or choose to contribute to our pastor's paycheck?

Anonymous said...

someone actually cares enough to try and make a difference, and all you can do is bitch and complain??? what is wrong with you????

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Praise your god. Im gonna live my life. And I will end up exactly where you do. Buried under 6 feet of dirt with a stone on me. Feeding the worms and the maggots. This is what you call heaven. Yay for these streets of gold!