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Friday, February 1, 2013

Potter County to honor Korean War veterans

Potter County to honor Korean War veterans

Potter County Department of Veterans Affairs has announced plans for a ceremony to honor the county’s veterans of the Korean War later this year.

Director of Veterans Affairs Will Worthington is compiling a roster of Korean War veterans from Potter County, as well as survivors of deceased Korean War veterans, to include in future notifications about the ceremony. He can be reached by email at wworthington@pottercountypa.net, or by phone at 814-274-8290, Ext. 210.

Organizers tentatively plan to hold a dinner, along with a program and ceremony, sometime in July. Details will be announced.

A highlight will be a memorial service for the Potter County men who lost their lives in the Korean War. Worthington has created a roster of these casualties and is asking family members and friends to assist in creating a fitting memorial. Photographs, biographical information and other notes about these eight men are especially welcome, the director said.

So far, using military records, he has compiled the following list:

--Army PFC George G. Lattin, died Oct. 16, 1952

--Marines 1st Lt. John B. Goery, Dec. 27, 1952

--Army Cpl. Paul M. Brown, March 2, 1951

--Army Pvt. Edward W. Duston, Sept. 6, 1950

--Army Sgt. Lewis A. Guilds, Nov. 2, 1950

--Army Pvt. Fred J. Van Why, Feb. 8, 1951

--Army Pvt. Robert I. Roberts, May 28, 1951

--Army Sgt. Donald T. Johnson, July 11, 1952

“Historians have referred to the Korean War as ‘the forgotten war,’ due to a number of factors,” Worthington said. “This ceremony is an effort to pay a long-overdue tribute to a special group of veterans.”

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

I would like to commend you for the program you are putting together. The war in Korea has never come to an end we have a cease fire. Since the beginning of the cease fire to present day the US Military has continued to have casualities due to hostile fire. The DMZ is still a hostile fire zone. I hope you include all the Korean Vets to include the ones from the date of the cease fire until today. They have also served with honor. Thank you for what you are doing.