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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Up To 700 Truckloads Of This Stuff A Day In Potter County?

Certain aspects of hydraulic fracturing fall under the Clean Water Act exemption in the 2005 Energy Policy Act, so there may be limitations of what falls within (the EPA’s) authority,” said Engle, who co-authored a USGS report that found that produced water from the Marcellus shale was 3,609 times more radioactive than the federal limit for drinking water and 300 times more radioactive than a Nuclear Regulatory Commission limit for industrial discharges to water.
So who is in charge of fracking wastewater, anyway? 


Scott Cannon said...

People have been asleep too long in Pennsylvania, they're slowly waking up, but it's a little too late.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculos!So the big wig frackers need a place to dump there poisinous by products.Oh wait I have an idea,how about the most rural place in the state.There all dumb as a box of rocks rednecks anyway.We'll offer them what they think is a great deal and be good to go.Sarcasm 101 in case you missed it.You are all being played for redneck fools!Wake Up!

Anonymous said...

Need a place to dump this crap for money, oh look, there is a Ulysses township supervisor with his hand up saying bring it here!!!

Working for the Man could be Deadly said...

Maybe the people will wise up and stand up once their husbands and sons start coming down with poison ill health, dying youg and leaving their wives and daughters as widows.

"Randy Moyer, who used to haul brine for a small trucking company, said that on fracking sites, he would often clean brine tanks and well pads, in addition to hauling brine from wells to treatment plants and back.

There was no special clothing or equipment required for the job, he said, apart from a hardhat, goggles, safety harness and a flame-resistant jacket. His jacket still hangs on the back of a kitchen chair in his Portage, Pa., apartment, unworn in more than a year.

“I was cleaning up pads ... and while they were spraying them off, I was in there with a squeegee, because they wanted mud, dirt, everything picked up,” he said. “So the more I was in there, the wetter my feet got.”

Workers could wear rubber gloves when cleaning out brine tanks, he said, but they weren’t required.

“Smart guys wore rubber gloves, but it just soaked right through my boots” he said. “Some of them guys go in there (with) bare feet -- in those tanks with bare feet. They have no clue.”

He believes that exposure to both the chemicals in fracking fluid and radiation in wastewater are going to have long-term effects, and not just on him, but other drivers as well.

“Eventually, all these drivers are going to get this stuff, because this is airborne, you’re up around (those) sand cans where they’re dumping the sand in there," Moyer said. "You’re on the pads, you got spills. This stuff works like ants going into an ant hill. Some nights, there was 350 trucks just for one pad -- in and out, in and out.”

Anonymous said...

Where are they getting 700 trucks a day? WAS REPORTED TO BE 70

Anonymous said...

Typical the sky is falling crap coming out of anti business liberal democrats. They won't stop until every little place is a ghost town! Just take a look at Austin it's been run by that same anti business mind set for years!

Anonymous said...

If they are inside a tank doing any type of work, there must be a confined space permit issued. all the regulsations for operating in confined space then apply to include PPE.

Anonymous said...

Many people are selling out their childrens future in this area for a few dollars. We all know it is bad but are willing to ignore the problems for a few dollars and jobs. God help us.

Anonymous said...

Not true. Read the definition of "confined space"

Anonymous said... wanted us to test for radiation to??? Maybe next time

Anonymous said...

Its not only in the chemicals folks. Research radiation that enters the home from marcellus natural gas. But thanks to all that signed a lease. We appreciate it

Anonymous said...

I am, and have been a republican since I was 18, over 30 years. For some moron to say it's only liberals who are concerned with pollution shows the definition or 'redneck retard'.
Obviously the guy writing this crap is making money off of the gas industry. He doesn't care that this shit is 1, 10, or even 100 or 1000 times more radioactive, he's got money to move out, or already lives somewhere else. Either that, or he's so stupid that he doesn't care that Austin is going to be glowing from this stuff some day. Some of us do care, and it's time to speak up and be heard.
The people doing this stuff know and have known how much it hurts the communities and the environment where they drill and dispose of the drilling waste, they just won't tell the truth because they know it would be shut down or much more expensive to dispose of it. This stuff comes out despite their efforts to keep it under wraps.
They don't worship the devil, they worship the other 'D' word, the almighty DOLLAR. They don't give a shit about you, me, or anyone else's health, only their own wallet.

Anonymous said...

You all called me "conspiracy theorist" and "nut job" when i tried to warn you. Remember???

Anonymous said...

OSHA's Definition

All employees who might be required to work in confined spaces should be aware of the differences in how OSHA defines confined spaces and permit-required confined spaces. According to OSHA:
"Many workplaces contain spaces that are considered to be "confined" because their configurations hinder the activities of any employees who must enter into, work in, and exit from them. In many instances, employees who work in confined spaces also face increased risk of exposure to serious physical injury from hazards such as entrapment, engulfment, and hazardous atmospheric conditions. Confinement itself may pose entrapment hazards, and work in confined spaces may keep employees closer to hazards, such as an asphyxiating atmosphere, than they would be otherwise. For example, confinement, limited access, and restricted airflow can result in hazardous conditions that would not arise in an open workplace."
The term "permit-required confined space" refers to those spaces that meet the definition of a "confined space" and may pose health or safety hazards, thereby requiring a permit for entry.

A confined space:

Has limited or restricted means of entry or exit
Is large enough for an employee to enter and perform assigned work, and
Is not designed for continuous occupancy by the employee.
These spaces may include, but are not limited to, underground vaults, tanks, storage bins, pits and diked areas, vessels, sewers, and silos.

A permit-required confined space is one that meets the definition of a confined space and has one or more of these characteristics:

Contains or has the potential to contain a hazardous atmosphere,
Contains a material that has the potential for engulfing the entrant,
Has an internal configuration that might cause an entrant to be trapped or asphyxiated by inwardly converging walls or by a floor that slopes downward and tapers to a smaller cross section, and/or
Contains any other recognized serious safety or health hazards."

Additional information regarding OSU's policies and procedures for working in permit-required confined spaces may be found in our Confined Space Entry Program.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, there are many ways around it. In fact if there are 2 or more ways in or out it can be excluded. Simple as that. I do agree with what you are saying believe me. I disagree with the way they handle things too. Im just saying these dickheads have a way around everything. More than likely they bought osha years ago. Check out the halliburton loophole sometime. Exempts them from most of the clean water and air acts (thank you cheney) it really makes you sick when you see the power they hold. But yeah, go to google and type in "halliburton loophole" then you will see they hold more power than the epa anyway.

Tony said...

who cares if theres a permit to enter a confined space? does anybody think that would make it less toxic? by the way doesn't matter if you're a democrat,republican,communist,or even a nazi...this shit does not belong in or any where near our water.

Anonymous said...

I remember back when I was a little bastard that they said they wanted anything above I-80 to be free from human life. Now that I am an old bastard, I see it coming closer to reality.

Anonymous said...

Just keep voting Republican you goddam morons.

They'll sell your state to the lowest bidder and walk away with the ageless (R) motto: "I got mine, screw you"

Anonymous said...

The Ulysses Township supervisors have the power to keep this plant out of the township. They have more power than the county or state in their township. Jim Hoopes, the Ulysses township supervisor chairman, sold the land to his son, who is responsible for bring in this fracking plant. His vote is guaranteed for the plant. The other two supervisors could stop the plant with a no vote, but they won't. They are afraid of Hoopes. They are mark Bennett and Dick Erickson. Go to the meeting on Feb. 13th and watch these two men in action. It will make you sad.

Anonymous said...

Either way, at 3-9 MILLION gallons per well its gonna be alot

Anonymous said...

8:27 thank you for exposing the obvious lack of objectivity on the Ulysses Township Board of Supervisors. As yourself what motivated these three individuals to answer the call of "public service." Two of them were worried that their guaranteed riches from leasing property for the taxpayer-subsidized wind towers might be threatened after the county had the guts to adopt regulations that protect neighbors from having their health and property values stolen away. Since then, it has only gotten worse with new sources of making big bucks. This can only happen in an atmosphere where the citizens (voters) of the township allow it to happen. If you live in Ulysses Township, ask yourself why you have allowed your local government to be hijacked by exploiters.

Anonymous said...

Probably half of you were all for it til it came to your back yard. Enjoy :)