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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Galeton Development Corporation

The Galeton Development Corp. Met on Thursday at the Brick House in Galeton. With President Joe Pagano presiding.

The featured speaker was Steve Haskins, the owner/operator of the Denton Hill Ski Area. This is Steve's second year operating Denton Hill. The weather has cooperated this year making for a much better season as compared to last year. Several area schools now have ski clubs. Younger students in the 5th grade are now being taught how to ski . The program has been very successful The state parks system has been very helpful in keeping the equipment at the ski area up and running. The operation of the ski area is a family operation and is working out well. At the height of the winter season as many as 35-38 workers are employed. Steve, who has been working at Denton since the 7th grade is working hard to make Denton a year long facility with the popular archery festival, family reunions and weddings. Boy scout groups use the area and stay in the excellent log cabins on the property. Denton hill ski area is one of the best ski areas in the state and a very important tourist attraction for Potter Co.

David Brooks, head of Potter Co. Recreation also spoke. David has been the head of Potter Co, tourism for ten years. Many tourist activities are on going in the county and the organization is embarking on at strategic plan for the county. A new web site is in the works and well as a new walking tour brochure for Galeton. Plans are being forwarded to make Galeton the gateway city for the Cherry Springs Dark Skies program. This will include signs and possibly a mural on a Main St. Building.

Terri Dennison, head of Pa. Route Six Association reported that her office will be soon relocating to a office site in Galeton. An updated artisan trail brochure is being produced as well as a Route Six guide. She is also working on a business designation for Route Six

Andrew Lychalk reported that the Galeton Chamber has given $5,000. To the Galeton Borough for the band house restoration project. A successful annual banquet was held on St. Patricks Day at the Ox Yoke Inn. Plans for the annual 4th of July parade are well underway. More bands are being planned for including, possibly a 20 member bag pipe band.

John Ziegler reported for the Rotary club. John said the Four Way Test speaking contest was very successful this year. Zack Brown was the overall winner. The newly formed Interact Club in the Galeton School is planning on helping to maintain the park this summer. Pete Folk and john will donate and plant the Rotary flower boxes around the lake. The club will sponsor in cooperation with Cole Memorial a complete blood analysis on March 23 at the First Presbyterian Church. Thus far 70 have sign up for this worthwhile project The club had purchased a $500. shelter box for disaster relief. Programs are ongoing each week at the club meetings and have been excellent.

Considerable discussion concerning Dr. Callahan's retirement in June. Cole Memorial is working everyday to secure a replacement. Cole Memorial's Galeton Health Center is a very important part of the community and Cole Memorial. There will be ongoing and continuous medical coverage for the Galeton Health center.

Rick Yonkin GASD board member reported that an energy project has been on going with a boiler problem and windows updates being looked at. Superintendent Dave Wishard was absent, however submitted a written report covering many subjects. The proposed changes in cyber school legislation, if passed could save our district as much as $60,000 per year. As usual, many excellent school activities were mentioned in Dave's report.


Anonymous said...

My family and I enjoyed many vacations in the Potter County/tioga County. We had a camp in the cherry springs area. y adult children now are not interested in using the camp anymore. It seems that a few times when they visited PA the had been stopped and checked out by the local police. Never resulting in charges being filed. he camp now sits unused. I hope my children reconsider thier attudes towards that area as a grandparent I would hope my grandchildern will have a chance to enjoy the nature your butifal county has to offer. I have told my son who works in Health care if he did not have the tattoos and cut his hair he my not get stopped so often up in the mnts. I hope the aea keeps up the good work promoteing torism

Anonymous said...


Surely you looked around up here when you were here. The place is full of tattoos and long hair. Surely you can't be that gullible. Might your kids have been dong something that they shouldn't have been doing? Raising a little hell per say? Maybe some lingering trouble that they CANNOT return to the area rather than them telling you that they no longer wish to return? I might want to look into it....

Anonymous said...

Sorry 1:20 I have to agree with the 1st poster. I've felt harassed by the local police there myself and it's one of the reasons I only visit about once a year. I have out of state plates and 3 times over the last couple of years I've had the town cop in Galeton pull out from a parked location and literally follow me around. Twice he followed me right from the Acorn all the way to the edge of town by the sewer plant and did a u-turn when I left town. The last time he (could be different cops) pulled out behind me by the bank and followed me all the way to my family's house and kept going when I pulled in the driveway. I've never been arrested for anything in my life. It was obviously because of my license plates. It's ironic that tourism is so heavily promoted yet visitors are made to feel like they are not wanted around. I said to my wife after the last "pursuit" that "This is stressful. He's just waiting for me to make some stupid traffic mistake so he can pull me over. I don't think we're coming back up here as often."

Anonymous said...

Toughen up 3:29pm! Whose fault is it if you "FELT" you were being harassed? You weren't pulled over, you weren't questioned un-necessarily, and you certainly weren't cited or arrested. That's your fault for feeling that way. Just because the Galeton police do their jobs and keep an eye out for us here doesn't make them a problem. You'd be crying if something happened and they weren't their to help you. I certainly don't feel bad when you guys decide to stay in your own neck of the woods and the hell out of here.

Local Yokel...

Anonymous said...

I hate to sound negative to your post, but this is just how it is for all of us who live her. We do not have as much crime as in the larger area's (which would be almost everywhere), for them to be involved in. I am sorry to say, but you would just not believe what goes on from lots of the tourist. It seems everyone loves the mountains, and the peacefulness, but forgets not all of us are on vacation, and do have normal lives. If you can think on it, it is so silent here, that the sound really travels, and echo's in the area. It is so peaceful right now, but in a few weeks will be glowing with lots of visitors to the area. It is sad that the police have to follow people till the end of there limits. I lived my first 19 years in CA., and believe me the littering was so bad, you might not notice how much worse it gets, but we do. I live with the Pine Creek in my yard, and the things people do, just because they are in the mountains is amazing. Please just try and put yourself in our place, and understand what it is like. We could never survive without all of you, but the respect must be seen by all. If you have ever been here during the week, or stay even threw Monday the reaction is always how silent and boring things are, well that is what we get use to. Please remember also, it is not just the humans, but even are animals are just not used to all the people after a such a dull winter, and do react to it also. During a winter season, we have no 4 wheeler's on the roads, no one in the creeks, no one walking on the roads, and to say the least not many cars traveling the roads. We get used to having dirty cars from road salt, and not concern if we get are cars dirty driving on a dirt road. I am sure when you go to work you figure how long it takes you to get there, well we do also, and while some are enjoying the nature, we still need to be somewhere at a certain time. Please, just try to put yourself in are shoes, and see why people get upset. It is not the county's fault that things in this world are not as they were even 10 years ago. Thanks for understanding, and sorry to go on and on, but a point must be made.

Anonymous said...

1:20 My wife and use to Travel US RT. # 6 through Galeton PA. The fall falage on the hill before Coudersport is awsome. One yr. we had an officer in Coudersport stop us in the parking lot of the gas station in Coudesport. I asked him what the problem was. He never answered me. Took my information, I asked about prob.Cause. He told me he was the law in that town and that is all I needed to know. We now take our yearly fall trip through up state NY. instead of staying at the camping area in Gains The area has gotten really strange in the last few yrs. We stay away. I would not suggest that area to any of our friends. The finger lakes are nice! dont have the nasty officers that Coudersport and that area has.

Anonymous said...


You don't need probable cause. Reasonable suspicion is all they need! So the next time you go smarting off to an officer up here think about it. Lucky you didn't get a citation. Count your lucky stars and quit your damn complaining!

Anonymous said...

Everytime I visit, the Gaines cop has someone pulled over conveniently in front of the restaurant to show off? I was pulled over a few years ago in Galeton, was told I came to a rolling stop at the green light? Not a red light mind you, a green light. I advised him this makes no sense whatsoever. He said he is letting me off with a warning? Very Stange. From what I understand,the drug problem is out of control up there, but better to check out the guy that didn't come to a complete stop at a green light?

Anonymous said...

Everytime I am pulled over up there for no reason, I just laugh! You know why? Because I get a royalty check every month from my gas rights, and I have the best of both worlds! Go ahead, pull me over,fine me! Do you want cash, or check to pay for it? I am just up for a good time! Potter County made me rich! I will give back to the community by paying my fines when I am up there! I was up there during the rifle season,got a huge button buck,nobody else sees deer up there? Come on! Go out and hunt instead of sitting in your cars at the Acorn parking lot then maybe you will get a deer!