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Friday, March 29, 2013

Think About It

Have You Ever Imagined?

Have you ever imagined what God has planned for your life? Probably, like most of us, you've been plugging away, one day at a time, just trying to get by. But this is what God says about your future; "No one's ever seen or heard anything like this, never so much as imagined anything quite like it - what God has arranged for those who love him". (I Corinthians 2:9 Msg) Wow! Did you catch that? No one's ever seen, heard or imagined what God has arranged for those that love him. That means that for all that love God, he has promised a future and a hope.

There is a key to this promise and it has to do with those who love him. The problem is, many want the promises of God without the obedience. Jesus stated that if we loved him then we would do his will, (John 14:23). Loving him and doing his will go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other. Another thing about this promise is that it's about his plan for our life. This may mean that it may not coincide with what we had planned. And frankly speaking, what we have planned maybe very limiting to what he has planned.

One of the things that I am learning, (note that I said "am learning") that walking in the things that he has planned takes risk. Think about it for a moment. If we can't imagine what he has planned how then could it even come into our heads to do it? If it is truly beyond our reach, then it will take faith and a walk of obedience to get there. To do that means that we've got to go where we've never gone before. Sadly many, and this is for Christians, like the comfortable life of what's normal, predictable, and safe. As a people, we don't like risks and we often don't like new. But Jesus is calling us all into a life of obedience and if we are going to be followers of him, then we must go to where he is beckoning us to go. Risky? Sure it is, but is there another way? Remember this, Jesus said, "According to your faith will it be done to you", (Matt 9:29). You will only go as far as your faith will allow you to go. Think about it.



Anonymous said...

It amazes me you can write this crap. You are advanced enough to use science and technology. In order to write this blog on the internet. Yet cant seem to progress past this antiquated idea of a invisible guy that lives in the sky and who tells you how to live. Oh wait no its a bunch of writings written by people who claim to have known the son of the invisible guy. Or heard the invisible guy talking from a burning bush. Or some other nonsense. Jesus of Nazareth and the Gospel story cannot be found in Christian writings
earlier than the Gospels, the first of which (Mark) was composed only toward the end of the first century CE. There is no non-Christian reference to Jesus earlier than the second century.
The two references in Flavius Josephus (end of the first century) are unreliable
and can be dismissed in their entirety as later Christian insertions. So the imaginary guys imaginary son didn't exist until 200 yrs after the imaginary sons supposed death. What a glorious con job!

Anonymous said...

That obnoxious post by 4:25 must be what is meant by "noisy unbelief." LOL! So glad we have a loving and long-suffering God... Great article and thanks for the admonition.

Anonymous said...

Love these posts! Keep them coming!! :)

I believe, that's my right, it's my faith.

Have a blessed Easter!!!

Anonymous said...

4:25.. We get it. You don't believe. That's fine. But why do you have to repeatedly bash those that do. Whenever there is a posting of faith on this blog you are there to post in attempt to demonstrate your brillance. But in reality all you are doing is showing that you like to watch Bill Maher and repeat his ramblings. Look I hate vegetables, but everytime there is a story on the farmers market I just let it go...i don't feel the need to tell everyone that pizza and subs from sheetz is a much better value........

Anonymous said...

I don’t have a problem with atheists, they are allowed share their views just like the rest of us. The problem that I do have with them is the self-righteous, hypocrisy, that only they are entitled to. They don’t miss a beat claiming those attributes to belong to Christians…while they hurl their own insults. Maybe their superior wisdom just can’t help itself?!

Anonymous said...

Self righteous and hypocrisy. Really? Lets think about that. Self righteous - if you don't believe in what we tell you to you will burn on hell for eternity. Hypocrisy - over look the molestation of innocent boys even though I'm pretty sure that one has to be a sin.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is God help you 4:25 One day believe me you will find out there is a GOD!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ever hear the saying live and let live works both ways! 4:25 am read it or don't read it! Your choice but if you do read it don't push your anti god on me the same as i will not push my god on you! 1:10 pm with the aditude of the young people today GOD help us all!

Anonymous said...

Vegetables don't seek to tell other people how they should live. They don't go on and on about following some myth. They don't try to prevent equal rights. Or have a superiority complex. They don't use some legend as a code by which they seek to control other vegetables.

Anonymous said...

With the attitude of old superstitious farts I'm surprised we made it as far as we have.

Anonymous said...

Aren't your theories a lot like myths..... I mean just 40 yrs ago mental illness was dealt with by drilling a hole in peoples heads and removing some brain, bloodletting in the 1800s, scientists many centuries ago thought world was flat (dont tell me that was the church as they were one in the same back then)...... Point is that 200 yrs from now we will be shocked at what passes as modern day science so is this really any different then faith. Neither provable today but likely your science will be disproven over time..... Faith has always existed.....sure, maybe its never been proven but never disproven...... At the end of the day, none of us know shit....

Anonymous said...

6:43 , no, theories are not just myths.

This is a big problem today, especially when people get into this debate: false equivalencies, logical fallacies, a complete misunderstanding of one or both sides of the discussion.

Just because you can't understand a thing doesn't mean people telling you good sense are as full of it as you are, that's projecting your weakness onto others.

I'm not sure that comparing directly observable and consistently repeatable phenomenon regarding our surroundings with allegedly observed phenomena not at all repeatable passed down through stories over 2 millennial is apples to apples.

200 years from now they will likely know so much more about science, but while we may gain more insight about science fundamentals I doubt very much that the concept of gravity or thermodynamics will suddenly be turned on it's head.

You're last line is telling. "At the end of the day, none of us know ****". To that I can only say "speak for yourself".

“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'” Isaac Asimov

At the end of the day, whether you're a believer or not, comparing knowledge to faith is a disservice to both.

Science is the practice of the observable, the testable, of quantities and effects. Science will change it's very foundations if it's given sufficient proof to do so. This is the practice of knowledge (KNOWING).

Faith and religion... philosophy period, is the practice of the supposed, the possible. The unknown and most cases unobservable and untestable. Faith stands firm even (especially) in the face of opposition. This is the practice of faith (BELIEVING).

You can't not believe in scientific fact and you can't you prove God exists... you can only profess your ignorance by attempting either. You can disprove an idea held as fact by science (and they welcome this), you can disbelieve in God (ppl do every day) but the moment you think you can transpose those verbs you're headed down Stupid Blvd.

The sun is a burning mass of gas... it doesn't require your belief.

Nor can you insist on your deity being a fact. If God is there and he wanted you to have evidence of that, we'd have it already and the matter would be settled.

In fact, even approaching faith and religion in this manner is a bankrupt approach robbing yourself of the true purpose which isn't to KNOW your faith, it's to discover it, and rediscover it and seek that relationship with the mirror in the sky.

Think about it. If you KNEW god existed, if you KNEW you went to heaven when you died, it would not only defeat the purpose of faith, it would defeat the purpose we were put here for. You can be devout in your belief, but it's still a belief. (not fact, not science)

Faith isn't knowledge.

Knowledge isn't faith.

And neither should try to be the other. The last time we tried that we got the Dark Ages.

Anonymous said...

12:35.... i appreciate the effort but you are missing the point.... knowledge of today will be ignorance of tomorrow..(that's me circa 2013 not asimov)....what got us into the dark ages and has ended every successful civilization is thinking we as individuals are smarter than whatever bigger piece that we are part of...whether that bigger piece is a god or something else I don't know.....einstein theories are just that..theories....check out the Alcubierre theory..its a violation of the theory of relativity but getting some traction (your boy Isaac wouold be all about it) Yes, the sun is a ball of gasses but 3000 yrs ago the intellectuals of the day (people like you) would have said it was the son (pun) of the god of fire. yes, science and knowledge are cumulative and we are heading in the right direction i suppose, but it is exponentially cumulative. so the one provable fact (it will just take time to prove) is that 400 yrs from now we will look back and say "we didn't know shit back in 2013" so I will be right and you...not so much. at the end of the day, if people want to believe and have faith then great. if people don't well that's great as well. but for folks to get on here and bash people with religion is exactly the same desire to force their beliefs (i.e. no big guy upstairs) on others that they accuse the organized religions of doing.

Anonymous said...

How the hell can a God suffer pray tell? Its God no suffering no sacrifice gives nothing because he she it is a God of all creation. Morons need to stop putting human characteristics on something they claim to be divine or more than human.