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Friday, April 26, 2013

Mock DUI Crash Watched By Students From North Penn High


Photo by Lonny Frost


Students from North Penn High saw first hand the truth about DUI in a mock drill. This senior project took place early this morning at the Blossburg Island Park with help from Blossburg Fire and Ambulance, Liberty and the Life Flight crew.

Soon Prom and graduation will be upon these students and with the celebration often comes alcohol to toast the event. However, the students from North Penn got to see first hand what could unfold if they drink and drive. A moment of celebration and pride, can easily end up in chaos and death.

State Trooper Doney made it clear to everyone when he stated, "This type of incident would not only affect you, your friends and classmates, but the families of the victims, as well."

Many students starred at the mock drill feeling very uncomfortable, others couldn't even look as they covered the body of one of their classmates in the wreckage with a sheet. At the same time other students in the mock drill were being treated for their injuries.

Even a white hearse sat at the scene awaiting the body of the one that did not survive.

Blossburg Fire and Ambulance along with Liberty worked the scene as if it was the real deal. They got each patient out, prepared them for transport and one patient was even loaded into Life Flight and flown out during the drill.

Students were allowed to ask questions to the fire and ambulance crew, as well as, take a tour of the Life Flight helicopter.

Trooper Doney ended with, "I never want to have to tell another parent that their child died in an accident cause by DUI."

All those who came together to show these students the value of a decision, did a remarkable job as they drilled home the truth to each of these high school students.

Remember to think before you decide to celebrate with a drink.

(Reported by Lonny Frost)


Anonymous said...

I think this is awesome, hopefully the students took it to heart. Great job by the public servents involved! this should be done across the country.

Anonymous said...

In my day it was "Blood Runs Red on the Highway".
These scare tactics might work, but is it worth the price in human dignity and the emotional trauma it carries with it? It's kind of like the 'slut shaming' to prevent teen sex and pregnancy.
Apparently it didn't work in my day, or they'd still be showing those driver's ed movies.
Or would treating kids like the responsible models we want them to emulate be better for them?
We'll never know.

Anonymous said...

human dignity and emotional trauma??? you've got to be kiddin me??? If just one young life is saved from what they saw here, I think it will trump those issues.....