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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Traffic Stop Results In DUI Charge For Kane Woman

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Anonymous said...

2:13AM and an "equipment violation"!! ...never had a DUI but was stopped once around 3AM in Coudersport. I was watching the children of my relatives who had gone out for some much needed R and R. The trooper asked me if I knew why he pulled me over and I said I hadn't a clue. He then proceeded to tell/question me with these exact words, "Your license plate light is out...have you been drinking?" My first thought was, "Yes because every time I go out license plate light goes out." I had not been drinking. After I sat there for about 20 minutes while he ran my tags, insurance, and license he let me go. No repair ticket...not even a written warning. Upon arrival at my house, I got out, and checked my license plate lights (which there were two)and they were brightly lit. Giving him the benefit of the doubt and thinking it could be an intermittent problem I checked the license plate lights out religiously for over a month. Amazingly the problem must have corrected itself because it never resurfaced. Just that one night around 3AM. Now some would say it's in the name of safety...I would say you're a coward. Nothing is more important than your freedom or your civil liberties. We're nothing without them. When individuals who have taken an oath to serve the people, violate that oath, and violate your civil liberties in the name of money and "safety" it angers me. One should ask themselves, isn't loss of license, possible loss of employment, and/or possible jail time enough of a punishment? Where and to who does the excessive fine monies go? I'm certainly not an advocate of drunk driving but I'm also not an advocate of fabricated probable cause.