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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Think About It

Heaven Bound

I heard a story the other day about a man who died and went to heaven. At the gate sat Peter who told the man that he needed 1000 points to get into Heaven. Since the man had done many good things in his life he wasn't too concerned with the point system. After all, he thought, he was better than most. So he started, "I've been married for 48 years and I never cheated on my wife or even had a thought for another woman." "Very good" said Peter, "That will be two points". The man went on to reported that he gave over ten percent of his income to charity. Again Peter said that was good and awarded him another two points. Getting a little flustered, the man shared that he had volunteered for several national disasters in both time and money. Peter again praised him for the great work he had done and awarded him four points. At that point the man threw up his hands in utter frustration and declared, "At this rate, I'm going to need the grace of God". Peter excitedly responded, "That's it, now you have your 1000 points, enter in by His grace."

Sadly, many attempt to please God by doing good things. But if that were the case, if you could earn your way, Jesus Christ died for nothing. But that's not what the Bible teaches. It stated that there are none righteous and that all have sinned and fallen short of His glory, (Romans 3:23). Try as we might, we will never be good enough. Salvation is always about the grace of God, not the works of man.

But is life just about heaven? I think not. Life is about now, today. Those who have placed their faith in God are to live out their lives today in the power of that faith. That means facing all that life has to throw at them in a manner that will point others to that faith. I'm not to live my life in a vacuum sequestered away on some mountaintop. Instead, I'm to be a disciple, living my life through His power. Sadly, many try to earn God’s acceptance through what they do. You’re already accepted through what He’s done, you just have to choose to accept it. It always boils down to one simple thing, it’s called choice. Think about it.



Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do your tenets apply to those who spend their time judging others and telling them they aren't good enough/patriotic enough/old fashioned enough to exist in today's society?
If they resemble anything like the guy who keeps saying "FREDS DEAD' you can keep them.
I want nothing to do with any religion who accepts this type of behavior and condones it.
I'm willing to bet that the majority of ex or non-practicing christians (myself included) have left the church and it's teachings due to seeing the hypocritical nature of those who consider themselves the most most pious, or those who condemn others while failing to see the shortcomings of themselves.
And that's a shame.

Anonymous said...


There is a major difference between a "professing" Christian, and a Spirit filled Christian.

The problem non-Christians and ex-Christians have is one thing; the discernment to know the difference.

That said, the same hypocrisy applies to you as you judge those of the Christian faith.

Anonymous said...

ummmm...8:36....uh....ummm.... you're judging others.......tired of hearing about hypocritical christians when every one of us is hypocrital at one point or another....hypocrisy certainly not exclusive to one faith or non faith in the case of the's universal....

Anonymous said...

This is 8:36
YES, I'm judging!!!!
Damn right!
What I'm not doing is hiding behind a religion or a god, telling others how bad they are.
My point was, I want no part of a religion that tells others how bad they are, while the members of that church and writers of damning letters sit at their computers and bitch about how bad others are.
You have no clue as to what I believe or don't, but there you are telling me how the 'real christians' do it.
Shame on you for that.
YOU are the reason people leave the church.
My whole point was that very thing... so called 'christians' judging. Someone who's not professing to be a christian...who cares?
Ignorance is probably the second reason people leave.

Anonymous said...

"Ignorance is probably the second reason people leave."

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

Don't be shocked when those that believe in God and Christ try to defend themselves. You're bitter and probably rightfully so, but you're still wondering....or else you wouldn't waste your time on such "Hypocrisy."

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Don't shame me for somethnig I don't do.

You don't know me as the same I don't know you.

You can argue both sides all day, but call one side out for the same infractions you make is wrong. It's pointless and it's uneducated.

Anonymous said...

You basically repeat the same things that are said at 11:04, then call them 'uneducated'.
Said no one ever.

Anonymous said...

wow deep subject... good one always two sides of ones story... is the glass half empty or is it half full only you need to make that choice...

Anonymous said...


Don't think you're reading the same posts... said me now. :)

Anonymous said...

Typical bible thumper, holier than thou.
Just what jesus would do.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts. Keep writing. Thanks Jim for posting. God is good!

Anonymous said...

11:04-Like it or not, people are bad at times. If you don't know that, you have your head in the sand. Like the people who staged a Chicken BBQ fund-raising benefit last fall to "help" a wounded soldier. Only problem is: They kept all the proceeds for themselves. They lied to an entire community. And thing is, everyone knows it. That's how bad people can be. God knows how bad we can be - and the dirty deed aforementioned is but a drop in the bucket of human badness. that's why God offers us His Grace - totally undeserved by any human being, including me. We would all be lost forever without it. I'm not better than you. Nor you, I. So stop accusing me and others of something that none of us can help. We all stand in need of Gods forgiveness, you idiot.

Anonymous said...

Wow, seriously? Dude, if you hate Christians so much, why do you bother reading Bernie's blogs and then spewing your hateful venom week after week? No one is forcing you to read them, and obviously anything he writes is upsetting to you. So why not just live and let live? No one is stopping you from being an unbeliever or whatever you claim to be. Just let it go. Give it a rest, and be at peace.

Anonymous said...

It's OK to hate Christians as long as you love Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Funny, the Pope just said as long as you live a good life even an atheist can get into heaven.

Of course, a week later the Church, fearful of a loss of power and influence, forced him to retract his statement.

Story time:

Missionary goes to an island and explains the ins and outs of Christianity to the indigenous population.

The village elder, who has lived a remarkable and selfless life asks the missionary;

"so you're telling me, if you've never been preached the gospel you can still go to heaven?"

The missionary says "yes! the Lord our God is compassionate and would not punish those who never had opportunity to hear the gospel."

The old man retorts "But once that you've heard the 'good news' you must adhere to it or be doomed to hell?"

"that is correct" the missionary replied.

"Well why would you come here to preach the gospel if you're just dooming some of us to hell!?" the old man barks.

"Because this way you can be saved through Jesus!" the missionary says with a smile.

The old man gets up angry and throws his hands in the air "By the sounds of it, I was until you got here! You will speak to no more of my people. I'll not have your compassionate God dooming my people to this hell."

Yeah, it's a silly story.

But then again,
so are talking bushes and snakes.

Anonymous said...

He who is without sin cast the first stone.
I, too have gone to some churches looking for the "right one" only to find none that fit. But, I know the Lord Jesus exists and I talk to him every day from my home. I have committed my own sins that I am not proud of and I have tried to do good works to make up for them that is just for me. Thank God Jesus will save me no matter how imperfect I am. I have am unworthy but God does not see me that way. May the grace of God be with all of us.

Anonymous said...

God loved the world so much he had his son murdered, and you'd better appreciate it!