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Friday, July 19, 2013

Conservation Order Lifted/Boil Water Order Continues for Town of Carroll/Frewsburg water customers

Issued By: Chautauqua County Dept. of Health
Affected Jurisdictions: Chautauqua County

The Boil water order continues to be in effect for Wigren and Ivory Road area of Frewsburg Water District until further notice.

A boil water order remains in effect for the following area of Frewsburg until further notice. Ivory St. from the Rio Restaurant Northeast to the end of the water district, Valley View Drive, Rice Avenue, Rio Drive, Wigren Road, Nash Avenue, and Diamond Drive. Bring all water for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth or coffee making to a roiling boil for one to three minutes before consuming. Hydrants will be flushed over the next two or three days to get fresh, clean water throughout the area. Water samples will then be collected and analyzed. After two consecutive days of good samples, the boil water order will be lifted by the Health Department.

Conservation Order Lifted
The water system has returned to normal operations so the Conserva­tion order that was issued to the entire town yesterday evening has been lifted.

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