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Thursday, July 11, 2013

County Takes First Step Toward Specialty Court

County Takes First Step Toward Specialty Court

gavelPotter County’s criminal justice system is embarking on a “specialty courts” strategy, modeled after the experiences of other Pennsylvania counties.

An overarching goal is to reduce the number of repeat criminal offenders.

The County Salary Board has agreed to establish a new position of specialty court coordinator in the Probation Department.

A three-year grant from PennDOT will help pay for the first phase of the specialty court system.

 Defendants charged with driving under the influence of alcohol will be considered for referral to the DUI court.

A disposition plan will include treatment and counseling, close probationary supervision and other accountability provisions.

The concept could expand to include alternative treatment of cases involving drug addiction, mental health problems and veterans’ issues.


Anonymous said...

it is about time! sitting in jail is not going to benefit anyone! Counseling, jobs & job training along with community support is what will make more permanent lifestyle changes. Everyone deserves a chance....

Anonymous said...

10:08 You must be one of those bleeding heart liberals. Lock them up and throw away the key. I am a true Right Wing Republican and totally support Prisons for profit, minimum mandatories and over worked public defenders.