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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cover Crop Demonstration Plot On Local Farm

Cover Crop Demonstration Plot On Local Farm

extensionfarmthingA Potter County farm was recently used for a Penn State University demonstration plot involving cover crops.

A “interseeder” was brought to the Jack Thomas farm, north of Ulysses, as part of an experiment to effectively establish cover crops in areas with shorter growing seasons.

Agronomy specialist Greg Roth and grad student Corey Dillon assisted in the planting with machinery designed to replace three separate implements.

At the Thomas plot, ryegrasses and clover are being compared.

After harvest, Thomas will graze his cattle in the cover crops.

Nicole Santangelo, Penn State Extension agronomy educator for the local area, said a field day will be scheduled at the Thomas farm in the fall to review result.

Potter County Conservation District assisted with the demonstration plot.

More details are available by calling 274-8540.

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