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Friday, July 12, 2013




If you missed seeing the Flower Show during the “Weekend in the Wilds”, you missed a thing of beauty – thirty-six examples of fine floral design and many excellent horticultural specimens! Nine Nationally Accredited Flower Show Judges arrived from all over northwestern Pennsylvania to judge the show on Friday morning, July 5th, and of these, three were chosen by the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania to evaluate the show for the National and State Flower Show Achievement Awards. They gave the show the 95 points required to apply for that coveted award. This, in itself, is a distinct and laudable achievement for our small, hard-working club! The Judges adhere to the National Garden Clubs System of Awarding, with scales of points for various categories, which insures fair and objective evaluation of all exhibits. Blue Ribbon winners must score a minimum of 90 points, Red – 85 points, Yellow – 80 points, and Honorable Mention – 75.

The Petite Standard Flower Show, “The Many Loves of Little Flora” included nine classes of Floral Design, in three sections, all of which qualified for National Garden Club Top Awards. These included three Sections of three classes each, (twelve entries in each Section): 

A: Designer’s Choice, in which the plant material may be dried and/or fresh; 
B: Tricolor, in which all of the plant material must be fresh; and 
C: Distinction, in which the plant material must be dried and/or treated. 

The Section Awards are chosen from among the Blue Ribbon Winners in each of the three classes in each Section. In the Designer’s Choice Section, all of the designs in one class scored 90+ points, which is the minimum number of points required to win a Blue Ribbon. While only one Blue Ribbon may be awarded in each class, this is an indication of the high quality of the exhibits in the 

Design Division of the Flower Show. Top Awards in this division went to: Rita Reed, who won the Award of Design Excellence, (the highest award in the Design Division), the Award of Distinction, (the highest award given in Section C), and the Blue Ribbon in the Class. 

 In Section B, the Tricolor went to Margaret Harris, along with the Blue Ribbon. 

In Section A, the Designer’s Choice award went to Jan Hampton along with her Blue Ribbon. Other Blue Ribbon winners in the Design Division were: Darlene Davis, Pat Martin, Jill Perry, Judy Laudermilch, Margaret Harris (2 classes), and Kathie Holden.

In the Horticulture Division: Top Awards went to Margaret Harris for the Division Award, the Award of Horticultural Excellence, Growers Choice Section Award (one of three) and Blue Ribbons in 3 Classes. Kathie Holden and Sean Barnhart won the other two Grower’s Choice Awards, and Jan Hampton won the Award of Merit Section Award.

In the “Special Exhibits” Division, Pat English received both the National Garden Clubs and the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania Awards for her Educational Exhibit.

The Emporium Garden Club presented its “Sweepstakes” Award to Jan Hampton. This award goes to the exhibitor accumulating the most points for a variety of exhibits in both the Design and Horticulture Divisions, the Scale of Points for which were printed in the schedule, with points awarded for various ribbons and NGC Top Exhibitor Awards.

Congratulations go out to all the winners!

Many thanks and kudos to the Committee Members for a job well done! The Staging Committee received both State and National Awards for Staging and the Hospitality Committee headed by Sally Brehm, provided wonderful refreshments. 

The complete Flower Show Committee included: Margaret Harris, Show Chairman, and Bertyl Emmett, Vice Chairman, who also served as Horticulture Placement and Classification Chair; Marcy Boswell, Awards, and Darlene Davis, Clerks and Design Entries (both of whom performed with quiet efficiency!); Pat Martin, Design Consultant, (who also served on the Staging Committee with Margaret Harris), and who was responsible for the fabulous signage; Kathie Holden, Judges Chairman (and wonderful “procurer” of last-minute necessities!); Jill Perry organized the delicious Judges’ Luncheon at the Aroma, as well as Publicity for the Show; and Margaret Harris wrote the Flower Show Schedule, which Jan Hampton printed. 

Serving on sub-committees were: Hospitality – Rita Reed, Betty Vogel, Jan Hampton, Diane Brown, Mary Schuckers, Michelle Barr, Jill Perry, Kathie Holden, Rose Chamisky, Loretta Montgomery, Mary Gelnett, Harriet Stoltz and Sandy Stuart; Lori Sullivan, Pat Martin, Diane Brown, Pat English, and Rita Reed served as Clerks to the Judges; Bertyl Emmett, Darlene Davis, Jill Perry, Diane Brown, Pat Martin, Lori Sullivan, and Rita Reed all served on the Staging Committee. Also assisting in the staging were our “Handy Hubbies”, Glenn Davis, John English, Jim Laudermilch, Dan Brehm, Bob Martin, Don Perry and Bill Harris. Many thanks, guys! (We have some special awards for you, too!)

Many thanks also to Tina Johns Solak for the wonderful cooperation and use of the beautiful facility/venue of the Chamber’s Artisan’s Center, to Sheila Reed at Flowers and Things for stocking the special assortment of “tiny” plant material we needed for the various Floral Designs.

One of the highlights of the Flower Show was the arrival of Fran Munson, who is usually home bound to attend the show! Fran is a long-time member of the Club, having served in many capacities over the years, and as President in 1977, 1988, and in 1997.

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