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Friday, July 19, 2013

Enviromentalist Says 200,000 Gallons Of Oil & Gas Wastewater Dumped In Allegheny River In Warren

Environmentalists Say Oil and Gas Waste Water Still Discharged into Allegheny River

By Katie Colaneri
State Impact

Clean Water Action says the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental of Protection continues to allow oil and gas waste water to be discharged into the Allegheny River.

The environmental group says Waste Treatment Corporation is dumping high levels of chloride, bromide, lithium, strontium, radium-226, and radium-228 into the river without a current permit.

Clean Water Action director Myron Arnowitt says the plant’s discharge of 200,000 gallons of wastewater a day is putting more than 125,000 pounds of salt into the Allegheny River every day. Arnowitt says his organization has taken steps to sue the Waste Treatment Corporation.

“Government agencies have not taken their proper actions to enforce the Clean Water Act, so that’s why we’re doing it,” Arnowitt said, noting that there is now a 60 day window before a federal court could take up the suit. “At a certain point, we couldn’t wait any longer.”  Read more...


Cheryl said...

Not only is waste water going into the Allegany, there is raw crude oil getting there unabated, as well. We have been trying for 24 years to get state and federal agencies to move on this, the leakage continues. There has been an order issued, but there has been no real intervention to stop the leaking.
Katie, if you want to get hold of me to find out more, please do.

Anonymous said...

You'll never be able to hold the people responsible accountable.

Of course, that was all part of the plan. Wasn't it, 'ol Tom?

I'm sure you'll sue them

to the tune of one single day's profits for their parent company.

See, they are EXEMPT from the clean water act.

-And while you can prove X is found in a river
-what you can't prove is that X is in their fluids (the laws serve to protect the corporations)

You might suppose that these chemicals ended up in the water somehow, but they've seen to it you'll never be able to prove anything.

This nation is going to get pretty ragged after the corporations ride her hard, put her away wet, and sell all the resources they've STOLEN to China.