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Friday, July 12, 2013

Nate Brookens Coming Back To Home Area

Nate Brookens is coming home. 

After nearly 11 months and in three hospitals, he is being transferred from the Hunter McGuire VA Hospital in Richmond, VA, to Neuro Restorative in Erie, PA, on Thursday, July 18. That is, if the official approval goes through from his insurance company. If that does not happen by the 18th, Nate will be brought to the Bradford Manor, Bradford, PA, until the approval comes through.

As many are aware, Nate was struck by a car last August 25, near his Air Force base in Valdosta, GA, leaving him comatose for three months, suffering traumatic brain injury, multiple broken bones and ruptured bladder. He may never regain use of his left arm. In early June, he recently underwent surgery on his left leg to stretch ligaments and tendons in hopes that the leg will straighten and eventually regain its use. The cast will be removed on Monday, July 15. His leg had only about a 35 percent extension, which kept it bent all the time, with slim chances he would walk again. The operation was quite successful, and now his leg is at 5 percent, which is almost completely straight!

The goal is to reside at Neuro Restorative in Erie, for a year of continued therapy on his cognitive and memory issues, and practical training to prepare him to live on the outside. He will be in a newly built residential style house with 4 bedrooms, having roommates with similar challenges as he. NO MORE HOSPITAL! And yet, we are without words to describe the vital impact of the doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, etc., that we have been privileged to meet along the way. We attribute Nate?s good progress to their expertise, hard work and loving care all these months.

Nate and our entire family are elated that he will be much closer to Home, and that coming HOME is the goal! Again, we wish to thank all who are praying for Nate and our family. This has been a long and painful year, yet not without strong evidence of God?s amazing grace and mercy, which is why Nate is still with us!

With Appreciation for Friends and Praise to God,

Ann DeHaven

If you wish to help Nate's Mom, Beth Owens, with expenses for trips to visit Nate and care for his ongoing needs, you may use the link below. Thank you!


Ann DeHaven said...

NO that is not a cigarette in Nate's hand! It's a part of the wheelchair catching light...

Anonymous said...

Another of GOD'S great miracles. May He continue to bless this man & heal him. Stay strong Nate! Continued prayers!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing!
What a miracle!
What a testimony!
God is still the same, He never changes, He healed 2000yrs ago & He is still in the healing business today! Keep up with your faith & strength Nate! Our prayers are still with ya buddy! Thank God for us praying Gramma's! [right Annie?] Deb

Anonymous said...

Been prayin since day one!!! God speed!!!