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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thompson Joins Bipartisan “No Labels” Problem Solvers Group

Thompson Joins Bipartisan “No Labels” Problem Solvers Group
 Group of 80 members of the House and Senate unveil legislative package
Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson, R-Howard, today announced he has joined “No Labels,” a bipartisan group of Members of Congress from the House and Senate who have committed to meet on a regular basis to build trust and find common ground among political parties on a range of policy issues.

“I reach across the aisle on every single piece of legislation I introduce. It’s the only way to actually get something some in this town. But this group is looking to create a larger dialogue and greater trust among Members of Congress from different parties and with different philosophies,” said Thompson. “It’s a constructive group that is looking to advance solutions on a non-partisan basis, which I support.”

Members of “No Labels” are referred to as “Problem Solvers.” The group has focused its initial meetings on building consensus around proposals to make government more efficient, effective and less wasteful.

Thompson, who on regular basis has been attending meetings with the group, today joined with more than 70 “No Labels” members to announce a package of nine bills that the group has offered to demonstrate how and where common ground can be achieved.  

“Americans have rejected partisan gridlock and are calling on Washington to tackle the tough issues and put forward solutions,” stated Thompson. “This package elevates a number of concrete proposals and provides a template for how Democrats and Republicans can work together as problem solvers.”

Thompson has worked on an individual basis with numerous members of the group, including Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR), who joined Thompson in introducing the Forest Products Fairness Act, and Rep. Dave Loebsack (D-IA), who joined Thompson in introducing the Recovering Service Members Disability Benefits Act.

"The more members we can bring together to work across the aisle on a consistent basis helps to build trust, and ultimately, a legislative branch that functions a whole lot better," Thompson added.     

Thompson is a cosponsor to numerous bill within the package, including the No-Budget, No-Pay Act, which passed the House earlier this year.

·         Click here to view the full list of No Labels members.
·         Click here to learn more about the legislative package.


Larry said...

The last link needs to have -edit removed. The correct link for the legislative package is

Anonymous said...

Am I reading this correctly? They created a group to work together to get something done. I thought we created that group at the polls when we elected them with the expectation that they work together and get something done.

Anonymous said...

Actually getting problems solved is a good cheif complaint with Washington is they are too busy mudslinging and dealing with shrill voices- this leaves the problems un-fixed. Maybe this group moves them in the right direction...

Anonymous said...

just look at his voting record and see how he reaches across the aisle. what a joke. he does what the speaker asks when it comes to voting, and that's all that matters. just another partisan hack in a chamber full of them on both sides, in a town that oversees the most dysfunctional republic in the western world.

Anonymous said...

yup, they're all friends now.

So you can just ignore that part where they've given the entire farm away to the highest bidder,

blocked any possible legislation to bring jobs back to this nation

or the complete one-upsmanship and partisan b.s. we've seen for well over a decade now.

If people had anything left between their ears they'd vote out every damned incumbent in this nation, REGARDLESS of political party.

But we don't, I'm sure Glenn will be serving well into his twilight diaper years.

They know elections are around the bend and their only real motivation (the need to preserve their comfy government job) starts to kick in with b.s. like this.