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Thursday, July 25, 2013

"To Fill A Backpack" Program Entering 6th Year Of Helping Kids With School Supplies

"To Fill A Backpack" Program Entering 6th Year
As the To Fill A Backpack program heads in to its 6th year of collecting supplies and monetary donations we once again seek the support of our local communities.

Between the dates of July 15th and August 31st we will be doing our annual supply drive as well as collecting monetary donations to help fill backpacks for children in families that may not be able to afford them. Along with the cost of school clothes, shoes, etc. you add on the cost of $30 to $35 for a new backpack and supplies, the cost can get pretty high for families with 3 or 4 children. This is where the Backpack program comes in to play, we try to help alleviate some of that cost by donating backpacks filled with the basic school supplies that will be needed to start the new school year. We don't ask for any names, etc. and there are no income requirements. The only thing that we do ask is that you only ask for a backpack because you need it...not because it is free. We stress this every year to be sure that all of our children in need of backpacks are able to receive one.

In our first year we were able to help approximately 275 children and as the years go on our numbers keep going up. In 2012 we were able to help 1,041 children and in 2013 our plans are to reach the 1,200 mark. Now distributing in 6 counties including Bradford, Cameron, Lycoming, McKean, Potter and Tioga with hopes of expansion in to others. At this time we are only distributing in Pennsylvania areas. 

Suggested items to donate are Backpacks, Pencil sharpener (small), Pencils (#2 yellow), Notebooks (1 subject), Portfolios (2-pocket), Notebook filler paper, Kleenex (travel packs), Crayons, Hi-liters, Glue Sticks, Erasers (pencil cap), Rulers, Index Cards, Colored Pencils, Backpacks (non-rolling please). We ask that you try to avoid gender specific items whenever possible. No item donated will ever be refused, if it is not one of our suggested items it will go in to our overflow bucket and placed in to backpacks along with our suggested items that we have chosen to be included. All backpacks are setup based on grade school or high school aged students. Our elementary bags are packed differently than our high school because of the different needs between the two.

We have set up drop boxes in multiple towns where we distribute to make it easier for people to donate. You can drop off supplies at the following locations during their normal business hours or you can contact us at (814) 544-2612 and we will make arrangements to have them picked up. The drop off locations are Perry’s Store, Austin - Big Lot’s, Bradford - Coudersport Public Library, KOS, Inc., Coudersport - Eldred Boro Office, Eldred, Copy Katz & Endeavor News, Emporium - Galeton Public Library, Galeton - Genesee Township Office, Genesee, PA - Creative Cuts, Penn York Tax, Prime PC, Gold Mountain, Knoxville – HMAC, North West Savings Bank, Lawrenceville - Red Rose Antique, Mansfield - Everyday Happy-nings, Port Allegany - Roulette Township Office, Drabee’s Mini Mart, Roulette - Ed’s Service, Northwest Bank, Shinglehouse - Smethport Collision, Smethport - First Citizens Bank, Dollar General, Indigo Wireless, Wellsboro

We ask that monetary donations be mailed directly to us at To Fill A Backpack - Attn: Donations - 81 Burleson Avenue - Roulette, PA 16746. We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization so all donations that are made are totally tax deductible. We will gladly supply you with a receipt for your donation if you would like one. Just make a note with your donation and we will mail it out to you. Although we post dates of our annual drive we gladly accept donations year round.

You can check out our website at where you can get more information about our organization, etc. You can also use our site to request a backpack.


Anonymous said...

You are doing a wonderful job in helping those less fortunate. There are families that cannot afford cloths and all supplies needed for school.

Anonymous said...

You stated that no income requirements? So the rich get richer. That is why some people are rich. They take all the free things.How is that helping the poor???

Andy said...

If you read the post again you will see that we don't ask about income...we don't say that there are no income requirements and we also mention to only ask for a backpack because you need it not because it is free. I swear that there always has to be one person out there to throw a wrench in to something. I think you guys sit at home looking for something to post a negative comment about to try and get things rialed up..well guess what...our organization doesn't play that game...we never have and never will. We have the support that we need to keep the program going and we will continue to do exactly what we have been for the last 5 years because apparently it is working. We figure if our backpacks are distributed to at least 90% of people that need them then we are doing very good.

Anonymous said...

11:25-what a miserable life you must have.

Pall Malls and blog patrol.


Anonymous said...

When will you giving out book bag's in the Bradford area? Because I know a few children that are in need of a book bag. thank u.

Andy Kulp said...

Please go to our website and put in a request for backpacks. We do not do a general handout or feel free to give us a call. Thank you