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Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Think About It"

Too Much Stuff

I’ve got entirely too much stuff. I’ve got a filing cabinet filled with files that I probably haven’t looked at since I put them in. I have more pens and pencils then the local stationary store. Clothes, books, knickknacks, papers, and just plan stuff clutter my life. Although I’d like to do something about it, I find that when I pick up something to throw out, I get reminiscing about where I bought it, or with who, and it soon goes back with the other stuff. Jesus said not to worry about our stuff, but rather to seek first his Kingdom, (Matthew 6:33). Great counsel, but doing it isn’t always as clear-cut as that.

Two or three years ago my wife got me a great flashlight, I finally used it yesterday. Why? Well I already had about four of the same kind, and I didn’t really need to use it until now. I’ve got other things like that too. Things I’ve bought with the expectation of using because I thought it was a neat idea, only to have it sit collecting dust. I got a can of cashews for Christmas; I finally opened them the other day. I don’t think I’m describing something odd because I think we all do it, especially the older we get, we just collect more things. Sometimes I pick up something and think about what my daughter would do with it if I died. When I think along these lines it’s a little bit easier to throw it in the trash or send it down to the local thrift store.

What’s my point in all of this you ask? It’s just that “stuff” can keep us from following God. It may not seem like much, but it can tie us down. Even our animals can be too much. We can’t leave home without them, we don’t like putting them in the kennel, and they can interfere with what we do. In the end, we placate to our stuff and it rules our life and you see that’s the problem; it or they (animals) rule and we can’t serve two masters. So what’s the solution to all this stuff? As hard as it may be, we have to step back and take inventory. That means we have to look within to see why we allow our lives to become so cluttered. It doesn’t happen over night, it takes time to get that way, and it will take time to change. In the end, I’ve found that I’m happier without all the stuff. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

Christ would tell you to sell all your crap and go out in service to those who have nothing.

It doesn't just weight us down.

There is no room for plasma televisions, fancy cars or any of that in the teachings of Christ.

For we are a nation riches. And I doubt many, if any of us, are going to cram that camel through the needles eye.

I think it's why we insist on referring to ourselves as a "Christian nation" at every turn.

If we repeat it enough, maybe we'll actually believe it!

Think about it.

Tom M. said...

Nice message. Copied and printed to give to my wife. Now where/how do I start? (and how much "stuff" have you got rid od Bernie?) God bless us all.

Anonymous said...

So too much stuff is a burden? Animals are a burden? Having things that tie us to our family, our animals, our homes, etc. is bad? You can't follow god and have stuff? Are you bloody serious? What you wanna be a Vagabond, a Bum, a Beggar, a Gypsy? That's what Jesus was you know. Lived off the good graces of the gullible. Just like most of the churches do. It's pathetic the idea of giving up your stuff for a god. God can have whatever he wants he is a god. If he wants your stuff, or my stuff he will just take it. Has he came to you and said give me your crap? Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't want the responsibility of taking care of your animals. Or being tied down by them why get them? Same with your stuff. If you didn't want it why get it? If it was a gift why accept it? You make no sense.

Anonymous said...

Some get the point, some REALLY don't get it. :)

Anonymous said...

I did not use to think about all my stuff as a problem either. But now I do, because I have officially entered the latter days of my life. And yes, one tends to think about what to do with one's stuff at that time in life. So to all you obviously younger people commenting on here, I DO get it. You simply have not aged enough to get it. I worry about what my poor kids will do if I die and leave all this stuff for them to deal with. I have plans to begin the formidable task of clearing some of it out. No doubt, I'll need lots of headache remedies. And yes, at times, our stuff COULD (note I did not say WILL) hinder our service to God. In that we spend much money buying it, much time taking care of it, storing it, talking about it, cleaning it, moving it, etc. So, Bernie, some of us are not so dense. We do understand where you are coming from. Thanks for writing this.

Fran said...

Absolutely true! I didn't understand this until I was in my 50's. Moved to a smaller house and brought only a modest amount of "stuff" with me. Then started filling up the new house:)

Simplicity is freeing. I also agree about pets. Sometimes I miss my chickens and cats, but if I use my logic, I realize that they belonged to a younger era in my life.

Young folks, sometime watch an episode of Hoarders. Then you will understand.

God bless