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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Troopers Investigate Marijuana


Anonymous said...

Put him in jail for at least 2 to 5. I am tired of all the drugs in Potter County

Anonymous said...

Marijuana is not a drug but a plant. The real issue is the pill heads and drunks. Alcohol kills more teens and people. Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

marijuana is still illegal in the state of pa (so all you dam asses out there get over it)Don't make marijuana legal in pa are kid's don't need to be around it

Anonymous said...

It amazes me with the courts. Rhetorical question: Is DUI illegal? Think about it. If you can afford $5000 for an attorney and get out of it, isn't it legal? This is where the legal system is. Won't be long before it is legal anyways (marijuana) The taxpayers don't have a voice about anything anymore. It's all about revenue & politics

Anonymous said...

12:13 The courts in Potter County are a joke. The criminal justice system in the county really lacks creditability. I hope Steave Minor can clean the area up. The good old boys have had their way for way too long!

Anonymous said...

12:13:00 Now your learning. Sit back and watch as you lose all your rights. They will legalize marijuana to assist in the brainwashing. WOW DUDES!

Anonymous said...

Old people that don't know what they're talking about and are scared of everything they don't understand need to calm down.

The war on drugs has created many of the criminal nightmares in this nation. It's not the other way around.

It's just unfortunate that a government that has made (spent) trillions fighting this failed initiative subjected you to 60 years of propaganda you were too dim to see though.

Fight ADDICTION for the illness it is.
Stop locking up children for something 10x more harmless than drinking alcohol. And stop turning our police into a military force.

Anonymous said...

"marijuana is still illegal in the state of pa (so all you dam asses out there get over it)Don't make marijuana legal in pa are kid's don't need to be around it"

Enough said? I've been using cannabis for well over 20 years, and amazingly my "dam ass" can spell 'our'.

The State of Pennsylvania sells liquor to our citizens, and then jails those same citizens for using cannabis, a much safer alternative.

You talk about kids and drugs... we have kids dropping left and right around here from prescription overdoses. Those kids are popping pills because of the unavailability of safer alternatives, such as cannabis. Am I advocating the use of cannabis by teens? Absolutely not. However, we need to be realistic, and the reality is that children are going to experiment. Would you rather your children experimented with deadly painkillers, or cannabis?

And that is only the tip of the iceberg. The War on Drugs has done nothing but foster a black market that has promoted a criminal element not seen since prohibition. I would argue that a major portion of the violence in this nation is directly related to this black market. You delete that black market, and you delete the criminal element.

Uruguay in South America realized this with the huge drug cartel problems they were facing. Their solution? Take over the pot business. Uruguay is now one of the safest countries in South America, and is actually far safer than America.

Anonymous said...

Don't agree with the law? Join together with like minded individuals and get it changed. Otherwise,, move somewhere else. I could care less if it's made legal, but as of now, it's not, so quit crying about the issue. There's currently a line in the sand that has to be there. If you want to argue that the line be moved in one direction or another,, fine. But realize that at some point in the past, others too fought to have that line placed where it is today. We all know that it is currently illegal. If you get caught,, you get held accountable. End of story.