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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hearing Monday On Bill To Minimize Wild Trout Stream Designations/Endangered Species

House hearing scheduled on bill undermining conservation efforts

PennFuture Session Daze 

The House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee and the House Game and Fisheries Committee have scheduled a joint hearing on alarming and far-reaching legislation that would severely harm the ability of our state conservation agencies to protect and manage animal and plant species of special concern.

The hearing on House Bill 1576 will be on Monday, August 26, at the Empire Beauty School, 396 Pottsville St. Clair Highway, in Pottsville, PA. 

Representative Jeff Pyle, R-Armstrong, is the sponsor of House Bill 1576. Senate President Pro Tem Joe Scarnati, R-Jefferson, is the sponsor of identical legislation in the Senate as Senate Bill 1047.

Here is what these bills would do:


Anonymous said...

Clearly "just call me [superbowl]joe" doesn't listen to anyone but the industries that give him money.

Anonymous said...

why do republicans continue to destroy the environment for a few bucks, must be a personality disorder

Anonymous said...

I see a couple guys getting superbowl tickets !!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for finally realizing that with common sense we can rid this wasteful expensive bureaucratic BS that has gotten out of control in government.
Who gives a crap about Northern brook lamprey, Ichthyomyzon fossor, Shortnose sturgeon, Acipenser brevirostrum. Lake sturgeon, Acipenser fulvescens. Atlantic sturgeon, Acipenser oxyrhynchus. Spotted gar, Lepisosteus oculatus. Hickory shad, Alosa mediocris. Cisco, Coregonus artedi. Northern redbelly dace, Phoxinus eos. Gravel chub, Erimystax x-punctatus. Bridle shiner, Notropis bifrenatus. River shiner, Notropis blennius. Ghost shiner, Notropis buchanani. Ironcolor shiner, Notropis chalybaeus. Blackchin shiner, Notropis heterodon. Redfin shiner, Lythrurus umbratilis. Longnose sucker, Catostomus catostomus. Bigmouth buffalo, Ictiobus cyprinellus. Black bullhead, Amerius melas. Mountain madtom, Noturus eleutherus. Tadpole madtom, Noturus gyrinus. Northern madtom, Noturus stigmosus. Burbot, Lota lota (inland populations only). ) Threespine stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus. Banded sunfish, Enneacanthus obesus. Warmouth, Lepomis gulosus. Longear sunfish, Lepomis megalotis. Iowa darter, Etheostoma exile. Eastern sand darter, Etheostoma pellucida. Bog Turtle, Glyptemys muhlenbergii. New Jersey Chorus Frog, Pseudacris kalmi. Southern Leopard Frog, Lithobates sphenocephalus utricularius. Massasauga Rattlesnake, Sistrurus catenatus. Kirtland’s Snake, Clonophis kirtlandii. Eastern Mud Salamander, Pseudotrion m. montanus. Eastern Spadefoot Toad, Scaphiopus holbrookii. Rough Green Snake, Opheodrys aestivus. Northern Cricket Frog, Acris crepitans. Blue-spotted Salamander, Ambystoma laterale. Eastern Mud Turtle, Kinosternon subrubrum subrubrum. Northern riffleshell mussel, Epioblasma torulosa rangiana. Clubshell mussel, Pleurobema clava. Dwarf wedgemussel, Alasmidonta heterodon. Eastern pearlshell mussel, Margaritifera margaritifera. Rabbitsfoot mussel, Quadrula cylindrica cylindrical. Snuffbox mussel, Epioblasma triquetra. Salamander mussel, Simpsonaias ambigua. Round hickorynut mussel, Obovaria subrotunda. Pistolgrip mussel, Quadrula verrucosa. Rayed bean mussel, Villosa fabalis. Mountain brook lamprey, Ichthyomyzon greeleyi. Bigmouth shiner, Notropis dorsalis. Southern redbelly dace, Phoxinus erythrogaster. Spotted sucker, Minytrema melanops. Brindled madtom, Noturus miurus. Bluebreasted darter, Etheostoma camurum. Spotted darter, Etheostoma maculatum. Tippecanoe darter, Etheostoma tippecanoe. Gilt darter, Percina evides. Chesapeake Logperch, Percina bimaculata. Green Salamander, Aneides aeneus. Eastern Redbelly Turtle, Pseudemys rubriventris. Sheepnose mussel, Plethobasus cyphyus.Ohio lamprey, Ichthyomyzon bdellium. Least brook lamprey, Lampetra aepyptera. Bowfin, Amia calva. Central mudminnow, Umbra limi. Eastern mudminnow, Umbra pygmaea. Hornyhead chub, Nocomis biguttatus. Brook stickleback, Culaea inconstans. Blandings Turtle, Emydoidea blandingii. Broadhead Skink, Plestiodon laticeps.
Plants Pogonia, small whorled (Isotria medeoloides , Bulrush, Northeastern ( Scirpus ancistrochaetus) Spiraea, Virginia ( Spiraea virginiana)
IN America 320 animals and 433 plants are endangered species, the sad thing is that I am sure you never heard of them.

The problem is you can no longer do anything in our local government that does not take a mile of paper work, countless studies, and thousands of dollars paid to DEP, Fish and Game Commission, and DCNR to complete a simple task like fixing a gravel bar.

Anonymous said...

Dear Senate President Pro Tem Joe Scarnati,

Thank you for the "support" of the legislation we wrote and emailed you.

Enclosed you will your tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium this coming February.

As usual, we'll arrange to have a limo pick you up and take you to the airport for transport via our private jet.


The corporations buying PA out from under it's citizens feet.

ps: don't worry about all the bad press Joe, you'll get reelected and so will Corbett. These rural rubes simply don't know any better.

Anonymous said...

Tell your PA Representive or PA Senator how you feel. If you do nothing about it, you're as much to blame.

Here's a link to the General Assembly to look up the contact info for whoever yours is: