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Thursday, August 8, 2013

PennDOT Maintenance Work Schedule for August 12 - August 16, 2013

PennDOT Maintenance Work Schedule for August 12 - August 16, 2013

Potter /Cameron PENNDOT, Potter/Cameron County Maintenance announces the following work schedule for the week of August 12 – August 16, weather permitting.

Motorists should travel with extra caution in these and all work areas. Motorists should be aware that due to the nature of highway maintenance and emergency work, crews could be working on any highway at any time of the day or night.

Potter County 0260:

Sign Crew:
• State Route: 0244 (Coneville to Genesee) Sign Repairs & Upgrades
Bridge Crew:
• State Route: 0244 (Oswayo Borough) Bridge Repair

General Maintenance-West:
● State Route: 4008 (South Branch) General Maintenance

General Maintenance-East:
● State Route: 1011 (Mills to North Bingham) Shoulder Repair

Tail Ditching:
● State Route: 0044 (Pine Mt. Area) Ditching

East Patching:
● State Route: 0144 (Germania Area) Patching

West Patching:
• State Route: 4014 (Plank Road) Pipe Trench Patching (Mon & Tues)
• State Route: 4005 (Whitney Creek Road) Spray Patching (Wed-Fri)

Tree Trimming:
• State Route: 4025 (Brizzie Hollow Road) Overhead Tree Trimming/Day Lighting

Mowing Crew:
● State Route: 2002 (West Branch Road) Mowing (Mon & Tues)
● State Route: 1005 (Phoenix Run Road) Mowing (Wed-Fri)

Cameron County 0240:
• State Route: 3001 Shoulder Cutting
• State Route: 3001 Ditching

The following work is scheduled to be completed by contractor, weather permitting:

• L C Whitford: State Route 49 (Harrison Valley) Bridge Repair

• Glenn O Hawbaker: State Route 872 (Potter & Cameron) Drainage Improvements and Road Repairs

• LTT Trucking: State Route 0872 (Ladona Area) Bridge Repair (approx. end 09/22/14)

• Suit Kote: SR 4008 (South Branch) Paving (Road Closed Except Local Traffic)

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Whats going on with the bridge in Costello? All work has stopped. They shouldn't have messed with the Indian burial grounds!