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Friday, August 30, 2013

Senator Toomey Holds Local Town Hall Meeting

Senator Toomey Holds Local Town Hall Meeting

U.S. Senator Pat Toomey held a “town hall” gathering at the F. W. Gunzburger County Office Building in Coudersport Thursday, making brief introductory comments before engaging in an hourlong give and take with about 20 citizens. His visit was sponsored by the Potter County Board of Commissioners. 

Toomey, a Republican, said he has supported measures to rein in a federal government that “tries to do way too much.” He cited examples of government policies that have adversely affected economic development and worsened the nation’s debt. “We’re borrowing from tomorrow for our consumption of today,” the senator said. “It’s like eating your seed corn.”

Senator Toomey found himself on the defensive for his opposition to the Affordable Care Act, although some in the audience applauded him for it. He also defended his support of a measure to require expanded background checks for certain firearms purchases and questioned the scientific basis of claims that human activity has been a significant source of climate change.


Anonymous said...

Toomey, a Republican, said he has supported measures to rein in a federal government that “tries to do way too much.”

This is the same guy who wants to expand background checks for certain firearm purchases?
From the Philadelphia Tribune: "Pat Toomey co-sponsored a bipartisan bill that would have required background checks on firearm purchases, including private commercial gun sales".

that doesn't sound like reining in federal government to me!

Anonymous said...

If you don't believe that human activity is the cause of climate change, you are ignorant and don't even deserve to vote.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct, 8:07.

95% of climate scientists worldwide are sounding the alarm on climate change, and all the GOP offers is a bunch of opinions based on their ideology, not science. They deny science because it interferes with their policies and political benefactors. We will eventually become a third world nation as our scientists keep leaving for more enlightened societies. I'm so sick of Toomey and his pals. They are a bunch of hypocritical morons leading our country and the planet down the wrong path.

Go home Toomey; I smell your stench and you turn my stomach.

Anonymous said...

so both 8:07 and 11:16 should be proponents of fracking as it has cut co2 emissions by 12% as of 2012 back to 1995 levels according to harvard professor jeff frankel who was bill clinton's environmental advisor on clinton's economic advisory council.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a double talker and needs to go. Climate has not a lot to do with the way people act! Yes to an extent, but think about this we are in hard times. People are loosing jobs lossing benifits and no money is floating around. So naturaly there will be more crime. You want to fix the crime rates, do something aobut putting people back to work do away with taxes on business that employ over so many people do something to bring back these companies who left our shores for chaper wages. Toomey sotp lieing to your public you are an alter Democrat

Anonymous said...

It must be difficult to be a science denier then turn around and use scientific findings to support an argument. I didn't see where 8:07 or 11:16 mentioned fracing. The GOP always whines about the "war on this" or the "war on that", but they've waged a war on science for decades. And the correct figure is 97% of scientists, not 95%.
Burning gas as opposed to coal lessens the CO2 emissions from the power plants, but studies are showing it doesn't necessarily lessen the overall levels because of methane leaking and escaping. And CO2 emissions are lessened simply by a downturn in the world economy. Better than coal, but not a panacea, and getting back to Toomey, to deny climate change whatever your party is just showing your ignorance and/or flat out being dishonest. It's the epitome of cynicism to use your political office to deny the truth, but both parties are very good at doing so. In the end, we all pay the price sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

There used to be 2,500 scientists who said they believed in man-made global warming, now in a new study done by the The National Academy of Sciences, that number is down to only 1,372. And of that number 3% now don’t believe in man-made Global Warming anymore.

Of course this number pails in comparison to the 31,000 scientist who have signed a petition saying they don’t believe in man-made global warming.

Let’s see 97% of 1,372 is 1,330 who still believe in the myth, compared to 31,487 who don’t. So only 1 out 24 scientists still believes in man-made global warming

Anonymous said...

Most scientists realize solar flares are going into the dormant stage for the next few years and the earth has actually been cooling for the last 17 years.

Everything is cyclical. The sun goes through very active and less active periods.

Also, North America(including Potter County) used to be covered with ice, some over a mile thick. There were no Hummers or coal fired factories to help melt the ice.

Mother Nature, like most Women does what She wants. Man is not as important as he thinks in the greater scheme of Life. Earth will be here long after an asteroid wipes man out.

1,122 Record Cold Temps in the U.S. in one week

Here it is… From July 23 to July 29 2013(1 week) in the U.S.

1,122 Record Cold Temps, 173 Record Warm temps.

Anonymous said...

it's a net number Einstein...the 12% reduction would include any increase caused by an increase in methane released at drilling sites.

and per the study "Nor is America’s continued emissions reduction a side effect of lower economic activity: While the US economy peaked in late 2007, the same time as emissions, the recession ended in June 2009 and GDP growth since then, though inadequate, has been substantially higher than in Europe. Yet US emissions have continued to fall, while EU emissions began to rise again after 2009."

no climate change denier here but rather love pointing out the irony that evil fracking is actually reducing co2 emissions.