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Friday, August 30, 2013

Think About It

Celebrating Others

I’m sure that most have heard the biblical story of David and Goliath. It’s an interesting story because it’s about the most unlikely person for the task. King Saul and his entire army were being called out day after day to come and fight against the giant Goliath. No one stepped forward until the day that David showed up and asked who this nut case was who was challenging the army of the living God. Single handedly, David took down the giant with a rock thrown by a sling and he became a national hero.

Some time later, David is returning home after a battle with the Philistines, (I Samuel 18). The people are celebrating and the people are singing, “Saul has killed his thousands,
and David his ten thousands”, (I Samuel 18:7). Clearly the popularity of David was on the rise while Saul’s was on the decline. Rather than pull David up into his chariot along side him and celebrate with him, King Saul became angry and started on a course of vengeance and hate towards this up and coming leader. Sadly it is what people often do when someone is more popular than himself or herself. What would have happened if Saul took that opportunity to show wise leadership and celebrate David before the people. Do you suppose that King Saul’s life would have ended up where it did if he had done this? I think not.

Celebrating others is a great thing to do but it often comes at the expense of the other. Why? Simply because you can’t lift up someone else and stay up there with them. But here’s the twist, if you don’t celebrate them your downward spiral will be just as dramatic as their upward one is. If you can learn to celebrate the accomplishments and value of another then others will see that and in turn have more respect for you. But if you don’t, your respect goes down. So why don’t we celebrate others more often? Is it because we have so little value within ourselves that we need the praise of others to make us feel good? Jesus had a remedy for this when he told his disciples that to be great they must learn to become servants, (Mt 23:11). I guess that means that our greatness will be found in serving others not ourselves. Think about it.


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Tom Maynrd said...

Your still great Bernie. You have my praise. Thank you. God bless you and all your family.