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Friday, September 27, 2013

Coudersport Falcon Varsity Football team and Cheerleading squad hold Pep Rally At Sweden Valley Manor

On September 5th, 2013 the Coudersport Falcon Varsity Football team and Cheerleading squad came to Sweden Valley Manor for a pep rally to celebrate the first home game of the season. The event is a revamping of a tradition started several years ago as a way to bring joy and compassion to the residents, and a learning experience for the students.

The residents look forward to the younger generation visiting and chatting with them during an evening filled with laughter, good food and sharing their special memories with the football players and cheer leaders.

Entering the front door of the Manor, visitors were greeted with a huge archway decorated with purple and white balloons. With music provided by George Dubots, a former Coudersport football player, each current football player and cheerleader ran through the archway to the residents. The entire facility was decorated with football memorabilia such as football helmets hanging from the ceiling, popcorn filled megaphones and trays of a bountiful supply of chicken wings and pizza

The event is a learning experience for the younger generation, bringing forth wisdom and guidance from the residents and bringing interaction between two generations.

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Anonymous said...

This just warms my heart! I love this and should be done with everyone more often.

Anonymous said...

this probably means an awful lot to the people at the Manor. Way to go Coudy!

Anonymous said...

This is simply amazing. I think ALL schools should do this for the residence of their home towns. Would make them the happiest they have ever been. Good job Coudy!!