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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Details Scant On Alleged Shooting Incident In Brockway Area

Trooper injured in Jefferson County incident 

Updated: Thursday, September 26 2013, 03:14 PM EDT 
By: Marc Stempka  WJAC-TV

BROCKWAY, Pa. – Officials confirmed to 6 News a state trooper was injured in an incident in Jefferson County Thursday afternoon. 

A state police spokesperson in Harrisburg confirmed one state trooper was injured in what was described as an "ongoing situation" on Cemetery Hill Road, just outside of Brockway. 

Few details were being released by officials, and the extent of the trooper's injuries was not known. Jefferson County emergency management confirmed Brockway area schools were on lockdown. 

6 News had multiple crews en route to the Brockway area and will continue to update this story as information become available.

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BROCKWAY SCHOOL DISTRICT PARENTS: Due to the ongoing police situation in the area, both Brockway school buildings will remain on lockdown until State Police give them the all clear. There is no time frame on when that could happen.

BREAKING: Per WTAJ-TV, 2 State Police troopers have been shot in the Brockway Area. Brockway Schools are currently on lockdown. The suspect remains at large. WTAJ reported the PSP were there to serve a warrant and suspect shot through the door injuring at least one of two troopers. He was life flighted at 3:15. The incident first took place at 2:30. The suspect remains in the structure and the situation is still considered active as of five minutes ago.

According to police there is an active shooter situation in Brockway. State Troopers were serving a warrant at a home on Cemetery Hill Rd. when the man shot at them. One trooper was hit and airlifted from the scene. Brockway schools are in lockdown. Suspect is still in the home and a SERT team is en route.

This is a real situation. Cemetery Hill Rd. in Brockway is closed in both directions. A SERT team is on the way. Police say they were serving a warrant when the man shot at Troopers. He hit one trooper. The trooper was airlifted. Still a very active scene. The man is barricaded inside the house. Police are asking people to stay inside. The latest at 5

School lockdown lifted in Brockway.

Trooper is stable and parents can pick up their kids from school. Police have the home surrounded.

UPDATE: Brockway schools are no longer on lockdown. The suspect in the shooting of a state trooper remains holed up in his home, surrounded by dozens of law enforcement officers.

8:40 PM--

The SERT situation is ongoing.


Coudy Joe said...

Our prayers are with the Officer

Anonymous said...

Death warrant issued SERT team on way. Have never heard of a suspect coming out without a sheet over them!

Anonymous said...

school is no longer on lockdown

Anonymous said...

school is no longer on lockdown