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Thursday, September 26, 2013

East Drug Task Force Arrests Ulysses Man For Theft After Failing To Deliver Marijuana

East Drug Task Force Arrests Ulysses Man

Members of the East Drug Task Force arrested Eric Mark SHAFFER, 22, of Ulysses, PA 16948 for Theft by Deception (Misdemeanor 3rd degree), and Receiving Stolen Property (Misdemeanor 3rd Degree).

On February 18, 2013 members of the East Drug Task Force, utilizing a confidential informant attempted to purchase a 1/8 ounce of marijuana from SHAFFER for $40.00. SHAFFER took the $40.00 and never returned with the marijuana. The incident took place in Coudersport Borough.

SHAFFER was arraigned before District Judge Annette Easton of Coudersport and bail was set at $5000.00 unsecured. SHAFFER was remanded to Potter County Jail on a bench warrant for failure to pay child support.


Josie said...

Setting aside the failure to pay child support-which I do not know how they expect him to earn money to pay it if he is in jail-I fail to see what they actually can charge this man with. I hope that he has a good attorney ! How do the authorities even know that this man HAD access to marijuana ? ANYONE could say that they could obtain marijuana and then not deliver it. Seems pretty weak to me. There are much bigger "fish" in the Potter County "drug pool" that the authorities should be trying to catch. Just my opinion though....

Anonymous said...

Well that's how they get to the bigger fish - by arresting the smaller ones and using them as informants. Also - this guy is guilty of theft, he deserves punishment!

Anonymous said...

now bust of the ass holes in ulysses
Tcourt and houseing its getting bad in ulysses and i live here in town big fish or not get the drugs out of are town

Smokin Joe said...

Let me get this straight...The CI lost the state's $40 in a drug deal that went bad. The cops arrest the guy for taking the $40 dollars, from a suspected drug-user I might add, when he didn't produce the drugs. (Which would have ALSO led to harsher charges!) THEN they use failure to pay child support in order to lock him up!??!? Hey, this guy doesn't sound like a real winner to me but what an abhorrent abuse of power. Talk about sore losers and!

Anonymous said...

I've missed you Smokin Joe, just when I thought all logic was out the speak! ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should have sold him the drugs lol. I mean he got charged anyway. I mean really? How do they know the guy buying the drugs didnt keep the money? Or get the drugs and smoke it up lol. Wow Let make up a few more laws as we go.... only in small town usa!

Anonymous said...

I live in the housing, and you dipsticks need to cut it out.