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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Letter To The Editor....

I believe that we are being led into war with mis-information. Our Commander-In -Chief is using the old movie script to take the heat off of him over the budget and Obamacare. It's not that hard to explain how the people were gassed by Muslim brotherhood rebels to blame the other Syrian leader Assad. The chemical weapons may have been stolen during the raid on Benghazi last year and that is why the cover-up by our own state department. Why won't the state department allow the truth to be told. Now we are willing to let John Kerry and C. Nagel lead us into a war with the help of the President. Did we not learn any thing from their service in Vietnam and how John Kerry, when he testified, turned against the troops in Vietnam before Congress at that time ? Calling us all baby killers. I remember it to well as I was just returning from Vietnam a few short months later and remember how we were treated at the airport. John Kerry and Hanoi Jane Fonda were a good pair against the military.

Sara Palin has the correct answer, let Allah sort them out. Does anyone remember history when the Ottoman Empire made up of the Muslims tried to over run Europe and Africa and the middle East. They used every trick possible to spread their beliefs. They caught whites and blacks alike and sold them as slaves all over the world. Lucky they were stopped over a hundred years ago by our original Marine Corp at Tripoli. Now they are doing the same to destroy America. The old saying applies ::IF YOU FORGET THE PAST YOU TEND TO REPEAT IT :: Do not fall into this trap and allow America to be destroyed from with-in using our own government who you can not trust to tell the truth.

Does anyone seriously think a few missiles will stop them when there is a possibility they didn't do the attack in the first place? Is this a ploy by members of our own government to get us side tracked for the next election, budget battle and the installation of Obamacare on Oct 1. Did Egypt not tell the world that Obama is a member of the Muslin brotherhood recently in a newspaper report? Did Russia not tell the USA about the last terrorist attack before it happened and no one did anything about it? Now Russia and Syria both are stating that Assad didn't do the gas attack? As I stated so much mis-information being put out, we better get our ducks in line (HAVE THE RIGHT INTEL>) before we shoot at anybody. We have neither the Military strength or the funds to fight a battle for the enemy. I think we should rebuild our own nation first and protect its borders. Enough said. Been there and done that.

Daniel J. Causer SR
903 Barden Brook
Eldred, PA 16731

Phone: 814-225-3681


Anonymous said...

"Sara Palin has the correct answer, let Allah sort them out. "

So, just because people don't know any better they should be left to suffer? That's what you and Sara Palin are agreeing on. Which means, doctors should give up caring for patients that don't fully understand medicine. Teachers should stop teaching people because they haven't learned the subjects themselves. And this is the funny part. It also means people like you should stop preaching their biased opinions to others because the others haven't built their own opinions.

Please. Let us suffer without your opinions.

Anonymous said...

As a Veteran raised in the 50's and 60's eho sought shelter under his grade school desk during Cold War drills, it breaks my heart to have to agree with the ex head of the KGB, but obomber and kerry are Liars and Untrustworthy.

Whar happened to their antiwar beliefs of the past? They now seem determined to turn the Middle East into glass.

As Sarah Palin says, "So WE are Bombing Syria Because Syria is Bombing Syria????"

esnlyyz 27Any bombing will kill many innocents including women
and children.

obomber, kerry, mccain, and boehner may be the Four
Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Putin called Obama Secretary of State John Kerry a liar over
Kerry’s testimony this week before Congress.

The question may be al-Qaeda’s influence on the Syrian rebels,
an issue Kerry has downplayed.

Speaking to his human rights council Wednesday, Putin said,
“This was very unpleasant and surprising for me. We talk to
them (the Americans), and we assume they are decent people,
but he is lying and he knows that he is lying. This is sad.”

Anonymous said...

Pretty sorry state of affairs to have a veteran of the United States military placing more faith in the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt, and Russian intelligence than in his own elected leaders.

I'm not in favor of a war with Syria, so don't get me wrong. But to argue against it with so little facts, while quoting Sarah Palin, and throwing Obamacare into the equation is simply ridiculous.

I think Obama should have kept quiet from the beginning, but America, by virtue of who we are and what we have accomplished in our brief history, stands as an example of what is mostly right with the world and humanity.

It's just possible that U.S. intelligence is correct- that Syria's leaders ordered the attack using chemical weapons. The issue becomes what, if anything, can or should we do about it?

Let's leave it at that. Stop using a serious problem to once more spout your adolescent, biased, and paranoid view of our leaders and government to make your silly arguments.

Sarah Palin? Come on man, you can do better than that!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a group of people be so right and so so wrong at the exact same time.

I'm against action in Syria, but don't be mistaken, I've not arrived at this conclusion via the same thought process as the people we see here.

They've wanted war in Syria for some time now. Both corrupt party leaderships (well, their owners, ultimately)

What if I told you the CIA was behind the chemical weapons in order to get us into this war?

They say no 'boots on the ground' but we'll have hundreds if not thousands of "cia trainers" to bolster al quaeda.

(that's how you know the past 15 years has been nothing but lies piled on lies, we are now going to help the very people they say took down the towers)

Wake the hell up people.

You're all being lied to by people that think the efforts and work of the people of this nation are theirs to harness for their own intents. For their own games.

They are playing at being global gods and our silent approval is all they need.

Whether it's this war action, spying on the world (you included, you especially) rigging economies these people are not who you think they are, NONE of them. And this nation no longer stands for what you are told it does.

Anonymous said...

I just wish we had a 'commander in-chief' right now.

Anonymous said...

Beg to differ, you can't do much better then Sarah Palin. Oh, MSNBC and all the great media gods might say different but they have to. See, an attractive, educated, well spoken, working mother just might lead all those soccer, liberal mothers back to the land of common how do they stop that...they make you think that she's stupid. Guess, what?! You fall for it just like they want. Sad...sad...sad.

Has she messed up some numbers, some history, yup. ALL POLITICIANS DO! But it's only an issue when the "right" one does.

Take the collar off! We are no longer the land of the free, we are no longer anything to be proud of. I support anyone who speaks the truth and she does.

Anybody ever read the Bible or just history in general? We are Rome, and ever other great nation that fell. We are falling and when we hit the bottom we'll be begging to bring back "One Nation Under GOD!"

Anonymous said...

Its not our fight to fight.. people never know how to leave things alone that don't pertain to us..

Anonymous said...

This is just another step to becoming obamas dream of a post american world!

Marcellus Worker (formerly) said...

You're a kook Mr. Causer. And not even because you cite a know-nothing grifter like Sarah Palin. Comedy gold.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find out the CIA (us) were behind this the whole time. And yes, I've heard the talk of trainers and advisers from the CIA being put there to help al quaeda... aren't "advisers" how we got invested in Vietnam?


You do have a commander in chief. If either John McCain or Mitt Romney were in charge we'd have been in this quicker and deeper than we are currently. These men you think are leaders are not in charge, they do what their owners tell them to.


Sarah Palin is an actress. Nothing more. Just like all the rest of them.

And as for "one nation under GOD" that was an invention of the 1950's to "combat communism". Talk about reading your history? Don't be an idiot. I'll not submit my liberty to some fundamentalist theological government structure.. be it Islam's Sharia law or the nuts-o laws Evangelicals in this nation would push on us.

By the way, Your failing is in thinking you can find a savior within either political power structure (party)

826 you got that right


I doubt this is Obamas dream. Just like every naive person voted into office Obama quickly learned he's not in charge. He's just the guy that gets propped up in front of the television.

This is the dream of every elite power broker that runs things behind the scenes in Washington. Any single popular politician you can think of, being in that oval office, would be calling for the same action. Because that's what the owners of this nation want. And they ALWAYS get what they want. Because they own both parties. It's their way or the highway, all thanks to you voters preserving their grip on power.

The right and the left are two feet. Opposites in appearance,

but watch what it is when they work together, and where they are carrying you. There is the rub.

Vote them all out. Every single one. No matter who else you have to vote for. No matter what party you have to vote for. That's this country's only hope, but you all are too busy attacking your neighbors (aligning with the 2 corrupt parties we have), and that's what they count on, divide and conquer, they already won and you buy into their game.

Enjoy your next show election where you'll vote for one of two approved corporate puppets. No matter what office you're voting on.

Anonymous said...

obama is a turn coat !! he said he would restore the middle class, since they and the poor pay more than their fare share of taxes while the 2% pay little or nothing

so the poor and the ever shrinking middle class would have to pay for another never ending war

so our politicians make back room deals, I wonder what this one was ? then the publicity BS starts

weapons of mass destructions ! so why has not the gas attacks been so labeled as such ! HA, HA!

as far as who launched the gas attacks, it is very clear to me Israel did, they wanted the usa to go to war with Seria almost two years ago ! and the politicians know it !

get a clue people !!

Anonymous said...

I'll give you this, 8:46.... All your periods were in the right place. That kind of sums up any other logic that might have come from your statement.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Causer, I just read the transcript of what John Kerry said before congress in 1971. There was nothing about baby killers in the whole transcript. Mr. Kerry when speaking about what happened in Vietnam repeated what other soldiers had testified and confessed to doing. It was not his opinion of what was done, it was what others had said they had done. Read the transcript for yourself and get educated:

As to Jane Fonda. If it were not for anti-war protestors like her,God knows how much longer the war would have gone on and how many more people would have been killed and maimed in a war and a country we shouldn't have been in in the first place. Vietnam was a money maker for some people, and that's why we were there. Just like most wars we have been in. Look to the "military industrial complex" that we were warned about many years ago.

Anonymous said...

'8:46' you are an idiot.. just be quiet

Anonymous said...

You would defend a cold hearted bitch like Jane Fonda? Excuse me? She ratted out an American prisoner of war in Viet Nam. The rest of you jokers just don't have a clue.
We are ALL puppets of the dictatorship that rules the US of A. President Obama or any another other past president doesn't or didn't have a say in diddly squat. We should stay here on our own turf and protect our own. Not get involved with a bunch of barbarians who have been living this way since time began.

Anonymous said...

if our prez and dc crew want a war let them fight it not us who dont want to