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Friday, September 6, 2013

Register for Cameron County Card Tournament

Register for Cameron County Card Tournament

Cameron County Chamber of Commerce will host a Shoot the Moon/Cinch Tournament on Saturday September 28. The tournament will be held at the Emporium Moose Club starting at 2pm.

The tournament is patterned after the popular monthly tournaments held at Sacred Heart Parish Center in St Marys using Shoot the Moon Rules. Each game consists of 8 hands, and 9 games will be played. At the end of the tournament individual players with the most earned points will receive prize money.

Food and beverages will be available to benefit the Emporium Moose Club. The tournament will be played in a non-smoking environment. It is open to both Moose and non-members. The general public is also invited to watch the tournament.

The fee is $10.00 per player. Advance registration is required. The Cameron County Chamber of Commerce will accept registrations in person or by phone 814-486-4314. The deadline to register is Friday September 27 at noon.

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Do we need a partner or will one be drawn for you?