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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The wide open Democratic primary math

The wide open Democratic primary math

by Jan Jarrett Jan@Hangerforgovernor.com
John Hanger
Harrisburg – John Hanger today demonstrated that the Democratic gubernatorial primary race is wide open.

“No candidate has locked up enough votes to win, and any candidate could win by garnering only a tenth of Democratic primary votes,” said Hanger. “That means the playing field is much more level and will put a premium on message and old-fashioned campaigning.”

Here’s the political math.

About one million Democrats of the then-4.3 million registered Democrats cast a vote for governor in the 2010 primary election - a 24 percent voter turnout. The same percentage of Democrats, perhaps slightly higher, will likely turn out to vote in the primary next May, and right now there are 4.1 million registered Democrats. There are now seven candidates, and there could be 10 candidates, in the race that will split the vote, so the candidate who gets between 275,000 and 350,000 votes will win.

Incredibly, the candidate who garners fewer than one-tenth of the votes of registered Democrats wins – that’s less than four percent of all Pennsylvanians.

“Our landslide win in the Keystone Politics Facebook poll, leading Keystone Politics to crown our campaign the “king of social media,” and a convincing win of a straw poll among Columbia County Democrats demonstrates the power of a “people’s campaign,” said Hanger. “We are meeting voters face to face in their towns and offering them real solutions to Pennsylvania’s problems.”

“Instead of spending months meeting wealthy donors behind closed doors we boldly laid out specific plans to save our public schools, create 382,000 jobs, tax and strongly regulate gas drilling, reform our cruel marijuana laws, double renewable energy, raise the minimum wage, support organized labor, fix roads and bridges, expand Medicaid, make college affordable and more,” he said. “Our Plans for All Pennsylvanians are available at www.hangerforgovernor.com.”

“The bottom line of the Democratic primary math is that a “people’s campaign” can prevail. And a people’s campaign can sweep Tom Corbett out of office in November 2014,” concluded Hanger.

Democratic candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania John Hanger is widely regarded as one of the most insightful and best informed progressive public policy experts in the state. Formerly a public-interest lawyer advocating on behalf of low-income families, John is nationally recognized as a leading authority on clean energy development and environmental protection. He served both Governors Casey and Rendell in key positions: first for Bob Casey as Commissioner of the Public Utilities Commission, where he successfully fought to cap electric rates to save Pennsylvania ratepayers billions and for two years as Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection in the Rendell Administration. Throughout his career in public service, John has embodied the essence of his campaign slogan "Policy first, politics second."


Anonymous said...

Who cares?! Can't trust any of you in either party once you're elected! You forget everything you said during the campaign!

Anonymous said...

Typical democrat! If his mouth is moving he's lying!

Anonymous said...

John Hanger would most certainly be a big improvement for this state and he will have a lot of support in this area.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 2:14 for adding absolutely nothing productive to this dialogue.

Anonymous said...

I am a life long Republican, and WILL be voting for Jonh Hanger. A breath of fresah air to Pennsyltucky!!!