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Friday, September 6, 2013

Think About It

Preference vs. Conviction

Growing up I can remember being told to turn off the water when I was brushing my teeth, so it wasn’t surprising that when I had children, I told them the same thing. Squeezing the tube from the end and not the middle, and a host of other do’s and don’ts were constant reminders in each of our homes growing up. The consequence of this is that we all grew up with a written internal code of what was right and what was wrong and we’ve passed that on to our children as well. When my children were in their teen years I would find them listening to country music, which I despised. I can remember telling my oldest that she shouldn’t listen to such music, but when she asked why, I couldn’t come up with a good reason. After some soul searching I realized that what I was saying was only what I had been told by my mother. In reality I had no real opinion about country music, I only repeated what I heard.

My point in all of this is that we often have many preferences that we hold to with strong conviction, but in reality they are only preferences. How you fold the laundry, mow the lawn, roll on paint, vacuum the floor, or make the bed can all have our individual preferences, but some carry them as strong convictions and can really get down on others who don’t do it their way. A number of years ago my wife and I got into some serious arguments because of our preferences that we held to as convictions. It wasn’t until we realized that we were dealing with preferences that we started to move forward. The problem is, we often will have a hard time excepting someone else’s preference as being equal to our own. But to move forward, we must.

Galatians 6:5-6 talks about being responsible for ourselves. Some translations say that we are to carry our own burdens and not put them upon others. That’s the difference between preferences and convictions. Preferences, which we often carry as convictions, are ours alone. They maybe true to us, but they are not true for everyone. Living with this in mind can help to bring harmony and peace into our lives and the lives of others. Think about it.



Anonymous said...

very True! Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Well said, thank you, I really enjoyed reading that!