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Thursday, October 17, 2013



Meeting called to order by Gross 

Minutes REVIEWED from previous meeting. Motion made by Gross 2nd Moyer to accept as read. -Yea vote.


Residents commented on how well the inside of the building looks.

Resident complimented roadmaster on how well his crew did with addressing the storm concerns/issues in a timely manner

Resident commented about the greater presence of the state police in the area and is happy to see it.


Letter from Gene & Tamara Graham on Taylor Brook regarding piping that clogged and a nice thank you for the attention to the issue in a timely manner.

Code inspection sent new fees for services; public is welcome to copies. New fee items include cancellation fees and consultation fees.

McKean County Assessment sent notice that timber companies are appealing assessments – related to “clean and green” tax break program.

Kenneth Lehman wants to add lien-to to garage to park boat-no objections by supervisors

Special thanks to Steve Matthew’s and grandson, Nate Austin, and others who helped clean up sluice crossing on Taylor Brook.

Special thanks to Eldred Twp / Eldred Borough and Otto Twp for blacktop project on Barbertown Rd

Permits are located in glass display case in front of building

Ceres Twp meetings are every 2nd Tues of the month

Budget workshop scheduled for November 6th with budget meeting November 20 2013 @6pm
Elections are in November, 2013. 

Supervisor Gross offered his personal cell number as an alternate contact for the residents to call if no one is available at the building. 717-599-6184

October 15th is a grant writing program in which three staff members will be attending at UPB 

Supervisor Gross offered a public thank you to all of his employees/workers on their teamwork, especially during the storm

Cleaned up after storm-major areas done; some attention to Kings Run and Slipperly Elm will be addressed then pipes on Jander Run & Keech Hollow will be addressed

Taylor Brook had areas of washout during the storm; Roadmaster and employees were out during storm and tending to issues

The supervisors ask residents to please not throw limbs, branches, trash in township ditches, especially since we are nearing more inclement weather that will make cleanups more difficult

BILLS discussion:

Bills REVIEWED. Motion made by Gross 2nd by Moyer to pay bills.
Motion made by Gross, 2nd by Moyer to adjourn.
Those present: 2 Supevisors 1 Secretary / Treasurer 7 Public residents

Respectfully submitted by Trixine Hollamby, Secretary / Treasurer

*Publication delayed by internet problems


Christine said...

Hey folks - if you like what you see in Ceres Township Vote for Supervisor Mitch Gross - Finally our concerns of our road conditions are being taken care of. Get out and Vote - He has made a difference.

Bob said...

WOW Ceres Twp. is becoming more transparent by the day! Roads getting fixed, ditches cleaned and mowed, building cleaned up and painted, equipment fixed and running!!! If you like what you see in Ceres Twp. and want more of it get out and VOTE. Mitch Gross needs to be elected to keep this moving!!!

Jim said...

There is no doubt Mr. Gross is a nice guy and trying very hard. I also know that township positions can be thankless at times. My concerns do not specifically target Mr. Gross and have been ongoing for years.

No one and I mean NO ONE in recent years has had any real equipment operator experience. Especially when it comes to grading the dirt roads.

Many of you who live on paved roads in Ceres Township do not have to endure the everyday nuisance of driving on these roads. If you need proof of my complaint, please re-route your daily drive, up, and over Kings Run Rd, Hackett Hill, and down Taylor Brook.

Taylor Brook's "wash-out" from the last major rainstorm was due to plugged up sluice pipes. I readily submit that these pipes have been plugged for years. However, the current township workers had spent weeks...weeks...working on this road prior to that storm. If they did not know that these pipes were plugged...they should have. Clean ditches and clear sluice pipes is a basic essential.

Since the ditches were cleaned last year(cleaned well I might add), a project that literally took months, (See: inexperienced equipment operators)this "wash-out" was solely caused by plugged sluice pipes. The flooding was substantial enough that it affected areas that they had recently been working. Therefore, they had to "re-do" these areas...again. Lastly, the untimely spreading of salt early last spring further contributed to the poor shape of these roads.

Do any of you Ceres Township residents know how much money was spent, primarily due to an inexperienced operator, for repairs at Portville Truck this past year?? The amount would amaze you. It was so costly that the owner began waiving and discounting costs.

We currently have two rented graders. I know of a roller and a backhoe that were also rented. Equipment rentals, equipment repairs, and material for the roads, is a necessary expense. They become unnecessary when they're purchased due to ignorance or lack of experience.

Despite all the work done on Kings Run and Taylor Brook, pot holes are returning to their normal "places"! Ironically, areas which were graded end abruptly and in the shape of a "V" leaving you with the sense that you just ran through a bunch of potholes. Knowing what causes a pothole in order to fix them is another basic essential. Year after year, the definition of insanity plays out as I watch the same form of "repair" on these roads.

Furthermore, Code Inspections Inc, our third-party code inspection company, has decided to raise their costs. Has anyone involved in the township shopped around for better deals?

Who pays for these mistakes, the lack of experience, the increased inspection fees, etc?? It's you, it's me...the taxpayer. In years past, I believe the people who ran the township forgot that they are paid servants. They forget that they should do everything in their power to encroach as little as possible on resident's property and bank accounts.

I support Mr. Gross on his endeavor to become supervisor. As I said in the beginning, my goal was not to attack him but to showcase the reality of Ceres Township. Some of the issues I pointed out were prior to Mr. Gross's appointment and hopefully will be remedied should he be elected.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ceres Township folks, I drive thru your area a lot and your roads are in the best shape that I have seen in about 15 years. People you have to remember if you travel or live on any of those dirt roads, they are DIRT roads and will not hold up to our winters and all of the heavy traffic on them at a high rate of speed I might add !!! As far as to Jim's comments on equipment operator's with no experience, you get what you pay for !!! NO experienced operator's will come work at Ceres Township for what they are paying them !! An experienced operator would demand about $ 25.00 per hour with health benefits and a retirement plan. The township can not afford to pay that much !!! As far as the equipment breaking down, have you seen what they are working with ?? I say they are working with oldest and most wore out equipment in the state PA !! SO my guess is that its not the operator's fault !!! AS for the last storm JIM, how do you know that sluice pipes were not checked when they worked on Taylor brook ?? That was big storm and any sluice pipe could have plugged by that storm. I hear those workers worked 14 hours the very next day and got all the roads opened back up and did an outstanding doing it !!! You need to be VERY thankful to have some inexperienced operator working that hard for your township, that would not happen in my township !!! Lastly, Everyone and I mean EVERYONE should get out an VOTE for Mitch Gross, YOUR township is making a big turnaround and its only going to get better when those inexperience and under paid works get some experience. When they get some you should pay them so you don't lose them !!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK CERES TOWNSHIP WORKS !!!!

Jim said...

Best shape in 15 years? They're the same shape this year that they've been the last 15 years.

Anonymous, Bob, and Christine...I'm beginning to think that you are Mitch Gross or at the very least campaigning on his behalf. Step one is admitting that there is a problem. Step two if in an elected position, you should be able to accept some constructive criticism.

You need to know that these roads aren't fixed. I'll give you this...they've been paid more attention since Mitch has been on board but they're no where near fixed.

You can chalk it up to dirt roads...just being dirt roads, but the fact of the matter is that they haven't been maintained properly for some time.

I understand that Ceres Township cannot afford to pay premium wages for an experienced operator. However, Ceres Township cannot afford to pay for redundant mistakes of inexperienced operators. I've lived in Ceres Township my whole life and I assure you...the mistakes are reoccurring. (It's also how I know that the sluice pipes on Taylor Brook have been plugged for years!)

My hopes is that one would take it upon themselves to learn proper road maintenance and equipment operation prior to spending hard earned tax dollars.

Lastly, I do hope that Mitch gets the position. He seems eager to fix the problems and the above comments shows he's passionate about the subject.

Again, this is not personal. I want road issues fixed economically and wisely. I want township supervisors to do their job without encroaching on residents properties or bank accounts. For the sake of clarity...these common sense things have not been followed in recent years PRIOR to Mitch's appointment.

Instead of getting defensive, tell the residents what you're going to do to fix it, and how you'll be different.