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Friday, October 18, 2013

Community baby shower cancelled

Community baby shower cancelled

The beginning of September my granddaughter contacted Catholic Charities in Bradford stating she would like to do a community baby shower in front of Walmart , October 19 & 20, for her Senior project. At that time she was told to call back a few days before to arrange for pick up of the items.

October 14, 2013, she was told that she can not do this, by Catholic Charities, because of an agreement between United Way and Catholic Charities. The agreement, as stated by Catholic Charities, is they can not do fund raising between mid September and mid December.

My Granddaughter put a lot of planning and work into this only to be told sorry.

It is an extremely sad event when people want to do the right thing and can’t because of funding agreements.

Laura K Ladlee


Shannon Crattie said...

Would there be a way she could do this through Destination's of Bradford, located on the corner of Main Street near Emery Towers, or through the local YWCA?

Anonymous said...

ok so do the shower any way just don't say its for the catholic charity. it's a senior project for graduation, right? that's how you present it to the community, and find others in need, we have the Christmas house in coudy who does Christmas gifts for the needy. find something like that. I know your idea is a good one, do it and enjoy. good luck let us know what you decide and were it's at would love to help with some thing

Laura said...

It isn't possible for her to do it at this time because the fliers she put up around the area stated it was for Catholic Charities. I believe she will do this at a later date but not for Catholic Charities. Yes it was a senior project for graduation. My feeling is they could have told her this when she contacted them in September not wait until 5 days prior. Thank you for your suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Very GOOD Idea !!! Post on Solomons when you set the next DATE. This was REALLY RUDE on behalf of the catholic charities. I DO NOT Donate to either of them anyway...Find one MORE deserving...

Anonymous said...

It is not Catholic Charities fault; they are sponsored by the United Way and when the United Way is trying to raise money for all the groups they support, it is a conflict of interest. It is against their policy, they could be penalized and become unfunded by the United Way and lose all monies to help Mom's and Dad's.