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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Democratic Machine Lining Up Behind McCord For Governor

McCord Endorsed by Almost 1/3rd of County Party Chairs

Posted on October 10, 2013 by Jake Sternberger
Keystone Politics
Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord today announced that he has received the endorsement of more than 20 Democratic County Party chairmen and women from across the Commonwealth. There are sixty-seven counties in Pennsylvania.

“The Democratic County Chairs are on the front lines when it comes to standing up to Tom Corbett’s agenda–an agenda that has significantly reduced the investments we make in Pennsylvania’s working families,” McCord said. “As someone who has made it a priority to say ‘no’ to this governor when he tries to take us off track, I am honored to receive these valuable endorsements from fellow Democratic leaders.”

“I’m looking forward to forging a productive, proactive working relationship with them to increase opportunity and economic security for Pennsylvania’s families,” he added. “Together, we will defeat and evict Tom Corbett.” Read more....

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Anonymous said...

John Hanger for governor!!!!