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Thursday, October 10, 2013

High Sonic Records announces development agreement with alternative rock band Blaine The Mono

High Sonic Records, LLC is proud to announce a development agreement with Orlando based alternative rock band Blaine The Mono.

Oct. 8, 2013 - ORLANDO, Fla. -- Rejean Germain, president of High Sonic Records will assist in the Executive Producer and A&R role for a full album scheduled to be recorded and released in 2014.
"I’m very excited to work with these guys,” Germain said. “They are a great group of hard working and talented artists with an awesome sound. I look forward to being able to bring a traditional A&R type role in their development.”

Blaine The Mono was formed in early 2011 in Orlando. This up and coming female fronted foursome artfully blends Blues, Grunge, Alternative and Metal to form a fresh, cohesive and catchy sound that really conveys emotion and captivates audiences leaving them wanting more after every show.

"We are really excited to be working with High Sonic Records,” said vocalist Randi Stickles. “We share the same musical vision as Rejean and are excited to have him as a partner to further our journey as a band."

Blaine The Mono was featured in the 11th Annual Rock Solid Pressure Industry showcase held in Tampa where Germain sat on the Industry Panel.
 “Their sound and stage presence really hit me,” Germain said. “After meeting the band, their professionalism and drive really stood out along with the music. I knew then that I really wanted to work with them in some capacity or another.”

High Sonic Records will assist with musical direction on the band’s next album, as well as song selection, production, overall branding, studio selection, videos and social media.

The Official announcement was made October 7, 2013 on the “Rock Solid Pressure” syndicated Radio Program.

Blaine The Mono features: *Randi Stickles on Vocals, Eric Joseph on Guitar, Chris Culverwell on Bass and Clifton Garner on Drums.

*Randi Stickles is a Port Allegany native who moved to Orlando to follow her dream.


Anonymous said...

ahhh was wondering about this post ... good for her i hope they make it big ... but I hope she always remember where she came from.. :)

Anonymous said...

Randi, your Mama would be proud!!! Prayers and best wishes!!!BJM

Anonymous said...

OH Randi, you always had an amazing voice, so happy that you've been signed. Lets hope nothing but greatness for you and Blaine The Mono!!!!