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Friday, October 25, 2013

John Hanger will repeal Act 13 medical gag rule

John Hanger, Candidate for PA Governor in 2014
John Hanger will repeal Act 13 medical gag rule

Harrisburg – John Hanger said today that when elected Governor, he will repeal one of the worst provisions of Act 13, the requirement for doctors who treat people exposed to toxic gas drilling substances or pollution to sign confidentiality agreements. A Luzerne County doctor who has treated patients exposed to frack fluid sued. Unfortunately, a judge ruled that the doctor had no right to bring the suit.

“This outrageous gag rule prevents doctors from discussing a patient’s condition with other medical professionals,” said Hanger. “I will repeal this gag rule. Physicians must be free to share information with patients, their families and other medical professionals to ensure that they can provide the greatest protection for their patients and administer the most effective and appropriate medical treatment.”

“The very existence of this gag rule has a chilling effect on physicians who are always concerned about being sued,” continued Hanger. “The fear of having to defend themselves against multi-national oil and gas drilling companies with unlimited resources may prevent them from sharing vital information or asking other experts for advice on the best course of treatment for those exposed to toxics from gas drilling.”

“This gag rule must go. I will make sure physicians can freely communicate so they can treat patients without fear,” concluded Hanger.

Democratic candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania John Hanger is widely regarded as one of the most insightful and best informed progressive public policy experts in the state. Formerly a public-interest lawyer advocating on behalf of low-income families, John is nationally recognized as a leading authority on clean energy development and environmental protection. He served both Governors Casey and Rendell in key positions: first for Bob Casey as Commissioner of the Public Utilities Commission, where he successfully fought to cap electric rates to save Pennsylvania ratepayers billions and for two years as Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection in the Rendell Administration. Throughout his career in public service, John has embodied the essence of his campaign slogan "Policy first, politics second.”

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Anonymous said...

I've said it before, and will say it again….. Hanger for governor, then Hanger for president!!!