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Friday, October 11, 2013

Potter County Approved For Human Services Block Grant

Potter County Approved For Human Services Block Grant

humservPotter County was notified this week that its request for inclusion in the state’s “human services block grant” pilot program has been approved. Benefits will include greater flexibility in how state funds are used and more services for the mentally ill, at-risk children, addicts, the intellectually challenged and other vulnerable citizens.

Speaking at a recent meeting, Potter County Commissioner Susan Kefover noted that under the previous funding formula, money that was allotted to the county for specific human service programs had to be returned to the state. As a result, Kefover added, transportation and homeless assistance programs were underfunded. “We could use this extra flexibility to reduce waiting lists and improve the services we provide,” she noted.

Commissioners Doug Morley and Paul Heimel also supported the block grant concept.
“The idea is that counties can make better decisions than the state can when it comes to local needs,” Morley said. “We’ve become pretty accustomed to doing more with less.”

“This really is a win-win situation for the state and for the county,” Heimel added. “After all, the state has cut funding for human services at a time when the demand for services is rising. What this really boils down to is giving counties more authority.”


Anonymous said...

Human Services has always been crying the blues. If the county has more say over how the money is used - you can bet it will go for something the county can do without. I would love to know when Heimel last balanced his own personal checkbook, and knowing Morley was a previous loan officer, how he's going to get his greedy hands on this money.

Solomon's words for the wise said...

It's a beautiful day, did you have to piss in their corn flakes??????