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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Potter County Fair Looking For Past Queens

2014 will mark the 25th Anniversary of the Potter County fair Queen Program! I would like to start planning a special 25th coronation. I would like to invite all the past queens. Here is a list of Potter Fair Queens 

1990-Cassie Watson., 1991 Wendy Lister, 1992-Laurie Earle, 1993-Lana Perkins, 1994-Kim Hurler Kosa, 1995- April Wynick Blake, 1996-Melinda Wenrich, 1997-Christin Dubots, 1998-Amy Klingaman, 1999-stephanie Furman, 2000-Jenny Dickerson, 2001-Betsy Risser Long, 2002-Jenny Perkins, 2003-Terra Erway Sye, 2004-Nikki Grimes Rathbun, 2005-Nicole Gabreski, 2006-Jessi Cornell Torrey, 2007-Sadie Cole, 2008-Skylar Hoffman, 2009-Katie Slater, 2010-Lindsey Wichert, 2011-Alyssa Plants, 2012-Miranda Pesock, and 2013-Hannah Greene 

If you know any of these ladies, and you know their married names, please message me.

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