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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Potter County Volunteers Receive Blood Drive Award for Commitment to the Organization

Potter County Volunteers Receive Blood Drive Award for Commitment to the Organization

Cliff and Fay Wood of Ulysses Honored for Contributions to Local Blood Region

BRADFORD, Pa. –The American Red Cross is the nation’s single largest blood supplier in the United States. To meet an ever-present demand for lifesaving blood, the organization utilizes vital volunteers across the country to manage, collect and supply donations from nearly 20,000 donors every day.

Cliff and Fay Wood of Ulysses were selected as annual recipients of the Blood Drive Volunteer Award for their outstanding commitment and contributions to the New York-Penn Blood Services Region. The Blood Drive Award was created to recognize outstanding performance in fulfilling responsibilities and contributing to the overall outcome of local blood drives.

“Cliff and Fay are two remarkable individuals who contribute to their Red Cross in numerous ways,” said Jason Bange, executive director of the local Red Cross. “It is a privilege to have them on our team; our organization is only able to perform its humanitarian work in McKean and Potter counties with the support of its volunteers, like the Woods.”

Cliff and Fay Woods are a part of the highly trained Red Cross workforce, serving as blood drive volunteers, disaster responders and chapter board members. The duo work to increase overall supply and to inform donors of new information. Cliff works in the community to identify ideal weeks for blood drives. In addition, he transports willing community members to the donation site.

Cliff and Fay regularly attend blood drives at St. Eulalia’s Church in Coudersport, Coudersport High School, Tri Town Fire and Ambulance in Ulysses and Northern Potter High School. As a result of their many years of dedicated service, Cliff and Fay have formed strong relationships within the community, greeting blood donors by their first names at the door.

HOW TO DONATE: Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. To register for a blood donation appointment, visit or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.


David and Cindy Johns said...

Fay and Cliff certainly deserve recognition for their dedication and tireless efforts. Thank God there are givers such as them...we need more like them.

Anonymous said...

Congrat Fay & Cliff the county could use more dedicated volunteers like you two.

Anonymous said...

Well done!

Etta & Ken said...

Congratulations Fay & Cliff! You do so much for your community and the people in your community, They have made a great choice when they chose you two, Ken & Etta.