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Friday, October 25, 2013

Think About It


Into every life there are storms of all types and sizes. None of us can go through our lives without experiencing them. For some, they seem to be crippling and can take our breath away. Like a natural storm, the storms of life often come upon us suddenly and without warning. Storms can cause panic, insecurity, fear, anxiety, hopelessness, and a host of others ailments yet it is also these same storms that make us stronger.

Before I go much further, I want to say that God is not the author of the storm in your life. I know that many believe that the things they are going through are somehow the direct consequence of some sin and that God is punishing them. But this is just bad theology. However, it’s true that I can cause storms to come into my life through my actions. A simple example would be what would happen if a person robbed a bank. The consequence of this act can bring a storm into not only the offenders’ life but the offenders’ family and the victims as well. The real question isn’t about what is happening to me but rather what am I going to do with what is happening. I have the opportunity to look at the storm as what is happening to me or as what is happening for me.

Here’s what James says about the storms of life, “Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing. “ (James 1:2-4). The point is simple, storms cause us to grow and mature, don’t despise them or try to get them to end to quickly. It is believed by many that if you don’t learn what you need to learn this time around the mountain, you will have another opportunity to learn the same lesson.

Individuals who want to be a Navy Seal must go through rigorous training and are required to push past their limits. Many don’t make it because the storms are too great, but for those that do, they become members of an elite and prestigious group. Perhaps the storm you’ve been experiencing is part of the training for something better. Think about it.


Tom Maynard said...

Good one Bernie. I have been having some symptoms, as you described it, of a "storm" in my life. I had been thinking about this subject for a couple of days and read this @ 6:30am today and you fit it in order, in place, in my mind. Thank you. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Religion is brain washing. Also it's like hypnosis! Most of you have been brain washed as children to believe there is a boogy man up there watching over you. Because of the bible with your fairy tales that men have written years ago. When a innocent child is being raped and beaten daily where is your god?? Or when they die of horrible diseases or being burnt alive in house fire! Again where is god taking a day off?? The church have helped the needy but a lot of them are greedy like the mega churches who drive expensive vehicles and where diamonds and lavish suits. Well there offering plates out saying god needs your money! Now I know that I have wasted my time writing this because this site won't post this because of there beliefs. But you know what I have written is the truth!

Anonymous said...


Really?? Every time you need to write the SAME thing???

Your thoughts are simple, and sadly just your own misconception.

Anonymous said...

Even if you are not are a religous person you can read the whole article, take out the references to God and the Book of James, and still be left with a lesson that many need to hear.

Anonymous said...

2:11....yes BUT that would require reason and common sense! :)

Agree with you 100%.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes look for a silver lining. But do tell me oh wise one. Where was the silver lining when we lost our son? What possible good can come from that? How do you become a better person after that storm? What lesson am I to learn? My son needed to die because why? And this whole Jesus thing is a crock. God sacrificed his only son. Where is the sacrifice? When Jesus died he returned to heaven right? So what was sacrificed? God had his son returned to him. Jesus returned to his father. So what was lost? Be glad I don't believe in your imaginary friend. Because if I did and if everything happens according to your gods will. I would kill myself go to hell. Take over, then raise up, and rip down the heavens, and kick God right in the balls. For having taken my son. Sometimes the damn storm just kills you. Think about it.....

Anonymous said...

3:08, I`m sorry you lost your son. I can`t imagine your pain. I hope you find peace.

Anonymous said...

This is a fallen world. It is not Gods world. Rain falls on the just and the unjust. Rain being another term for pain. I heard a Rabbi who lost his son say that there are some things God cannot control. I think there is much in this fallen world He cannot control. The pain brought on by people's choices for instance. But then there is also the pain of those who really have done nothing deserve it.

There are many authors who write on pain and suffering and they can help to a degree. CS Lewis for instance.

This life is quick. Even for those who live a "full" life. I cannot believe this is all there is. I think you will agree that there is beauty and ugliness in this world. But I think the beauty outweighs the ugly. Even if at times this may seem barely so. And I think the love and beauty we experience in this life is an indication of something greater. A love more pure, eternal.

A mature Christian knows this is not our home. Portraying God as a Superman who flies in when we are in need is only doing Him a disservice. I'm not sure He ever saves us from these "storms". I don't even like that term because, as in your case, it is more like an earthquake.

But I would urge you to speak to someone to help ease the pain. There are many out there who have been through similar circumstances and they can help. He is near to those of a broken and contrite heart. You more than qualify.

Anonymous said...

3:08,, in time you will see. Now you are blinded by loss.

Anonymous said...

Wow 3:08, I pray you will find peace in the loss of your son, I lost a sister at the age of 5yrs old, it is hard but my goal is to get to heaven so I can see her again, It broke my heart to see her suffer & in so much pain & such a blessing when Jesus called her home, no more pain! no more suffering! she has been healed! I will see her again!
4:14 very well said!

Anonymous said...

I understand that people need a coping mechanism. To me that is what God is nothing more. God and all the superstitious blathering that goes along with him. Is nothing more than a weak mind, trying to comprehend the unfathomable. And being unable to come up with rational conclusions invents a imaginary friend in order to deal. The idea that when our loved ones die we will get to see them again, or that life continues after death. Is just romanticism or wishful thinking. Does it make me feel better to think my son is sitting in the lap of your imaginary friend? Nope not really. For as a father I find your god to be the kind of being I don't want my son around. If my son rebelled against me, didn't do as he was told. I wouldn't send floods or winged men, to kill him or to kill his first born or turn him into a pillar of salt etc. I wouldn't drop him in a pit of fire. I wouldn't condemn him for not kissing my ass and praising me every five seconds. I wouldn't care if he was gay or straight. I wouldn't care what color he was. Or what he believed. And I would never allow anyone to harm him. Like torturing him on a cross. As long as he was happy and safe. That's all that matters to me as a father. The only ones who need to be praised or worshiped are those with great ego's or low self esteem. So no, no comfort in your God. But please continue talking to your imaginary friend if he makes you feel better. But don't attempt to shove him down my throat. And don't think because you got a imaginary friend it makes you better, more enlightened, or entitled, than me or anyone else. And don't think that your god, or your prayers, or your words will make it any better. But you can light a candle in remembrance of pregnancy and infant loss month, and get a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness month too. Don't see the foot ball players doing anything for all the lost babies do ya? Or see much about the pregnancy and infant loss month?