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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tipster Debunks Stoneman's Bigfoot Photos That Circled The Globe

Huff Post
Pennsylvania hiker John Stoneman of Bradford, says he was driving his car through Kinzua State Park when he noticed not one, but two hulking creatures lurking in the woods. He slowed down and took the photographs, which do indeed appear to show at least one giant apelike creature behind some trees.

UPDATE: A tipster gave us some evidence that he says proves these are not photos of Bigfoot. Check his photo out here.

He told the HNGN, "I'm a skeptic myself. I'm not a believer, but this was not a bear and you can see fur on it ... It's wider at the shoulders and tapers down whereas a bear is bigger in the middle and stands differently with its paws out -- this was standing like a man, like a Bigfoot."

The 57-year-old noted that black bears in the area are much smaller than the apparent creature he captured in pictures two weeks ago. The photos haven't been verified, but Stoneman says he's never seen anything like the creature before. Read more.....

We here at Solomon's words were just a little bit skeptical of John Stoneman's photos and suggestion that he saw 2 bigfoots in the Kinzua State Park, but the Associated Press picked up the story and circulated it around the world. Huff Post ran the story with the photos, but later updated the story after a tipster sent them a photo from a different angle showing that Stoneman's Bigfoot was nothing but a tree stump from a fallen tree.

So now we know that Stoneman's full of poop and the hunt for Bigfoot goes on.


Anonymous said...

I knew it was a stump from day one. Traveled that road both days for the festival and actually passed this crazy guy on my way home. People these days...

Anonymous said...

People see what they want to see.

Anonymous said...

We went out to see what it was and our daughter took a picture of an uprooted tree....same picture this guy is trying to say is can go out and find this exact bigfoot

Anonymous said...

Bigfoot does exist. I divorced her three years ago.

Bigfoot Searcher said...

Is it possible that the "tipster" is pulling a hoax?

I've been to the spot multiple times and never seen the uprooted tree roots the tipster claims is there. And if you blow up both stonemans photos and the tipsters, many of the trees are different. There are trees in stonemans that are close to the creatures that are not in the tipsters photos. And the tipsters photos are very poor. They look to be photo shopped.

Could the tipster and stoneman both be promoting this as a hoax to keep people from the sight?

Anybody with just a litte skill can find the exact spot. No uprooted trees there. It seems the hoax has been debunked. Explain the very poor quality of the so called tipsters photos and the missing trees?