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Thursday, November 14, 2013



LEEK Hunting & Mountain Preserve, will now be the point of contact for disabled veterans interested in acquiring Action Trackchairs or Action Trackstanders to add the world of the outdoors to their quality of living. The LEEK Hunting & Mountain Preserve provides quality outdoor hunting and fishing events yearly for our nations wounded veterans.

Funding up to 100% is currently available for disabled veterans of WWI to date with a service connected disability. To qualify they need to be designated 30% or greater disabled by the Veterans’ Administration. The application process begins with your inquiry on the LEEK . Every vet is encouraged to submit their story as additional funders are stepping up to make a difference for those without service connected issues.

The funds are available to help any disabled vet with mobility issues to hunt, fish, go to the beach, the park or just to enjoy the outdoors. 

The Action Trackchair was developed in 2008 by Tim Swenson for his own son who is in a wheelchair. It is available in several models and sizes, the original Trackchair and the Trackstander, this chair in particular allows the user to both stand in an upright position and function in a seated position, with both models being medically necessary for improving the quality of life.

A national initiative was originally brought to the forefront by Bill O’Reilly on his television show of May 8, 2013. His statement was simple, “It’s our duty to help wounded warriors gain full mobility”. By August 12, 2013 Bill’s Fox News Channel Show had raised more than $7 million for charitable organizations to provide these chairs to our nations veterans. There is funding available for over 1700 chairs, yet only several hundred have been given away so far.

Doug Liszka, President of LosGroup Inc. in Rochester, NY. and regional distributor of the Action Trackchair asked the question, “ Where are Our Disabled Vets, We Need To know?” he stated, they have had difficulties locating veterans who may be having mobility issues and the desire to be back outdoors to hunt, fish or just be with the family. If we can get the Legion & VFW Posts along with the general public involved, perhaps we can find these men and women who may once again experience the great outdoors.

So here’s a shout out to everyone in Potter County and anywhere else that the Potter Leader Enterprise may read, if you know a disabled vet give them this article or take it to your local American Legion and VFW posts. We are looking for them, won’t you help?

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