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Friday, November 22, 2013

Corbett & Schoch Join Legislators To Celebrate Biggest Increase In Fuel Taxes In Decades

A Victory for Pennsylvania
Just last night, Governor Tom Corbett joined PennDOT Secretary Barry J. Schoch, members of the state Senate and House of Representatives and other officials to celebrate the final affirmative vote on an historic comprehensive transportation plan -- the most comprehensive piece of state transportation legislation -- in decades.

“This bold transportation plan is a victory for Pennsylvania and demonstrates that our elected officials are serious about keeping our residents safe and our economy strong,” Corbett said. “The lawmakers who voted for this legislation have said, ‘yes’ to our state’s future and I thank each lawmaker whose yes vote will keep Pennsylvania moving.”

The final vote sent a bill to the Governor’s desk that will keep Pennsylvania safe and economically competitive.  By the fifth year of the plan, this legislation invests an additional:

  • $1.3 billion annually for state roads and bridges;
  • $480 million - $495 million annually for public transportation;
  • $237 million annually for local roads and bridges;
  • $144 million annually in a multi-modal fund;
  • $30 million annually for dirt, gravel and low-volume roadways; and
  • $86 million annually for Pennsylvania Turnpike expansion projects.
Corbett is expected to sign the legislation into law sometime next week.
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Anonymous said...

Yeah. The comprehensive plan that benefits Philly and the Burgh but screws the rest of us because we don't have mass transit to get to and from work.

Nice job. Might as well live in New York :\

Anonymous said...

ANYTHING that "we the people" don't ask for WILL NOT benefit us.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's historic alright..... the new and increased taxes that it includes are also historic. Seems our illustrious a$$hat of a governor left that part out. Glad to hear that Marty Causer and Matt Baker both had enough sense to vote against it.

Anonymous said...

This country needs a Revoluton!!!!

Anonymous said...

these idiots already destroyed P.A they should just step down!! my votes for john hanger..

Anonymous said...

creeps, follow the money ! look out the republicans are raising your taxes again

more money for political contributors

how about giving money back to the people who need it !

taxes like this will just further the demise of towns like couderport

less money in the hands of the middle class is economic disaster

we need wealth redistribution now, it has been long over due !

Anonymous said...

There is going to be a 39 cent tax on diesel. That will kill any business in Pa. There is a surplus of crude being produced in the US and the prices are suppose to be going way down but not to us because of the new fuel taxs.

Anonymous said...

a revolution would be history repeating itself
Russia, England, France, and the American revolution !

all for the same reasons, squeezing the life out of the people who had little left

no bread let em eat cake !

mr. causer did not support this bill, what a joke

this was a back room deal to make
mr. Causer look like he cared about the little people in a economically devastated area when he actually backed dirty tom because even without his vote it would pass !!

chalk up another victory for our wonderful system of two party crooks

we need more than a two party system which allows the same rights as the crooked two parties we have now !

Anonymous said...

And yet another example of confiscation of personal property and restriction of Liberty. Have no doubt this will all get passed down to the consumer. Oil Execs will not allow this to effect their bonus. That's about 30 cents per gallon increase for you.

Democrats and Republicans are identical. They are both marching for the same thing. The people we have to choose from, left and right, represent the same interests. And they have divided us, with the help of propaganda from media. What are "We the Sheeple" to do?

Anonymous said...

HIGHER gas taxes & trans fees = less buying of gas = MORE taxes for gas

HIGHER gas taxes & trans fees = higher cost for goods = more out of state and online buying = HIGHER PA income taxes

HIGHER gas & trans fees = more fuel effecient cars, more electric cars or less driving = MORE gas taxes

Anonymous said...

The New York border is 6 miles from my driveway.... While I`m filling my tank I may as well go food shopping... Here`s your lunch Tommy

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot so you think people that work for their money should just hand it over to people that don't better yourself don't rely on government or others to do it for you