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Thursday, November 7, 2013

DEP Fines Ohio Company $12,000 for Illegal Open Burning in Lycoming County

DEP Fines Ohio Company $12,000 for Illegal Open Burning in Lycoming County
Company Ignored Agency Warning and Repeated Violation

WILLIAMSPORT -- The Department of Environmental Protection today announced that it has fined Welded Construction LP of Perrysburg, Ohio, $12,000 for illegally burning wood mats on two occasions in August at its facility in Wolf Township, Lycoming County.

“We told company officials that the open burning of wood waste is a violation of Pennsylvania’s Solid Waste Management Act during our first complaint investigation,” DEP North-central Regional Director Marcus Kohl said. “Yet just eight days later, DEP inspectors caught the company doing the exact same thing.”

Kohl added that it is the responsibility of out-of-state companies to become familiar with Pennsylvania’s environmental laws and regulations to avoid enforcement action, including fines, which may be taken by the department when violations are documented.

“These mats should have been beneficially reused, or taken to a permitted landfill for proper disposal,” Kohl said.

A follow-up inspection conducted by the department in early September confirmed that all violations had been corrected.

The mats – made from hardwood timbers bound together by metal bolts and pins –are used to prevent destruction of land during the movement of heavy equipment in areas of soft ground, wetlands or streams.
For more information, visit or call 570-327-3653.


Anonymous said...

Fill the landfills with wood! What a bunch of dumb ass's ! If the DEP would use their heads the landfills wouldn't be overflowing! Then again they wouldn't be raking in the fine dollars!

Andy B said...

Sure. There's no reason to recycle/reuse them, or expend the time and money to have them properly disposed of. Just burn them, out of sight, out of mind. No harm no foul to anyone, well, except for that little thing known as the air we breath. The only scarier part is wondering what those who disagree with the DEP action are up to? What are they disposing of, and where? A couple bag of garbage, a few tires, some used motor oil dumped along the back forest road won't hurt anyone, right?

Anonymous said...

Which gives off more carbon emissions, burning wood or wood left to rot in a landfill or other "suitable" disposal site?

Trick question Greenies! NEITHER, it is equal...EXCEPT rotting wood gives off 20X more METHANE which is many times worse for the atmosphere...HMMM..maybe burning was a better choice.
Actually, a better choice would have been to allow a local contractor, builder etc. to take them and use for blocking, matting etc.
So kids, lesson for the day, things aren't always as they first appear!

Anonymous said...

Woodstoves will be unlawful for residential use by 2016. I already red the regulation that will be instituted through executive order. Check out the EPA website.