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Friday, November 8, 2013

Roulette Township Office will be closed Monday, November 11

Not a legal notice but for those who want to keep their readers/listeners informed.

Roulette Township Office will be closed Monday, November 11 to observe the Veteran’s Holiday. We will open up the following day, Tuesday, November 12 from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. for water/sewer payments only. If you have a water emergency or a grinder pump emergency please call the sewer plant at 544-4080, if no one answers leave a message and they will return your call or come to your residence.

Thank you,
Nita Spencer
Secretary / Treasurer

Roulette Township Supervisors


Anonymous said...

Are you a school? Kids and teachers are the only ones that get veterans day off. Us working folk whom plenty are veterans will be at work Mon.

Anonymous said...

its a federal holiday, and municipalities operate under those rules. Being off doesnt pay those employees holiday pay, usually double time. stop whining or complaining about others.... "its easier to tear others down rather than fix oneself"....

Anonymous said...

Don't like it ??? Either work for the gov or hire a lawyer to change the law.

Anonymous said...

8:29..get your facts straight..the kids and teachers DO NOT have Monday off..get a grip..oh is this going to hinder your Welfare check...unreal...

Anonymous said...

Oh My goodness, 8:29, please be thankful for the Veterans who served just so you could have the freedom you have, no need to condemn those who have the day off, show some compassion & consideration!!!