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Friday, November 1, 2013

Think About It

The Ripple Effect

Probably everyone has had the experience of skipping a rock across a pond or stream. As the rock skips from place to place a ripple is produced. The goal always seemed to focus upon how many times you could get a rock to skip. The ripple effect of this experience has little effect upon anything other than our own amusement.

In 2011, as a result of an earthquake in the Pacific Ocean, a tsunami hit Japan and other areas causing horrific destruction and death. Although we may not have thought about it, the tsunami was the ripple effect of the earthquake just as our little stones created ripples in the water. Most of us will never experience the ripple effect of an earthquake like Japan and other areas did, but that doesn’t mean that other ripple effects will not cause emotional, physical, economic or stress in our own lives. The ripple effect I’m referring to is the ripple effect of the choices and actions of others.

Let me be blunt, the choices of others can cause a blessing to come into our life or curse, and though I welcome the blessings, I am not excited about the curse. In a day of individualism, and the freedom of expression and rights, things are done without any consideration of how it will effect others. Decisions that children, spouses, and other family members make can create heartache, embarrassment and a host of other responses including financial and economic hardship. But it’s not just from those that we love and call family; it can come through friends and others whose life intersects ours. I would venture a guess that everyone reading this has, in one way or another, experienced the ripple effects of the behavior and choices of another. So what’s the solution? Because I have no power over the choices of another, it has to start with me. I have to consider if my choices and behavior will have an effect on the lives of others. In part that means living in a manner that puts others before myself. It means engaging the brain before I act. It’s asking the question, how will the action that I’m about to make effect…? If we could do this what effect would it have upon our world? Think about it.


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Anonymous said...

Finally a Think About it without all the superstitious clap trap. Thank you for that.