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Friday, November 15, 2013

Think About It


I have a friend who has shared with me on numerous occasions that a professor he had in college told him that repetition could penetrate the dullest of minds. Well it must be true because he has shared it so often that even I remember it.

The writer of Ecclesiastes states “Everything is wearisome beyond description. No matter how much we see, we are never satisfied. No matter how much we hear, we are not content. History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new. Sometimes people say, “Here is something new!” But actually it is old; nothing is ever truly new.” (Ecc 1:8-10).

Some have wondered why I repeat subjects and thoughts, the reason is simple, I want people to get it. If you think about it, we do it all the time ourselves with our children. Instruction is always repetitious. It’s how we learn. It may not be done in the same way each time, but it is always done in different ways and at different times. Much of what we learn isn’t learned but rather caught.
Algebra was one of those subjects that I had a hard time with, especially those word problems. But one day I suddenly caught it and I became a wiz at solving them. What was next to impossible one day became possible the next. Why? Simply through repetition and often from different angles and methods I, along with others, were able to see what was being taught to us. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Ah but you say, how do I know my way is the right way? The truth be known, I want you to decide what is right. That’s why I finish each writing with the phrase “Think about it”. I want you to think about it and come up with an answer that must be your own, not mine, not your parents, or someone else’s. I have wrestled with my faith, it has not come easy, and I still wrestle. I heard someone say that the Gospel was an inconvenient truth because it interrupted our life. Maybe our life needs to be interrupted. Think about it.


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Anonymous said...

good thoughts to think about.