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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Think About It


Taking pride in what we do is important. Pride in this case can mean doing something at our best. Feeling good about our accomplishments is both normal and encouraged. Yet in some incidents, pride taken to the further extreme can be destructful, hurtful, and crippling to both others and us.

Pride by definition can mean satisfaction and self-respect, but it can also mean arrogance. From this latter meaning a person can become conceited, smug, egocentric, and display superiority. Prideful people who exhibit these characteristics can often feel that they are above everyone else. They feel they have learned all they need to know and for the most part, are above learning new things. Each of us can probably think of someone that fits one of these definitions of pride. Sometimes they’re difficult to be around and they can be really difficult to work for.

People with power can often have an over abundance of pride in a negative way. Because of the power that they yield, they can look with contempt upon those they perceive as being beneath them. Sometimes this is what we feel those in government feel towards the average person. Because of power, and the abuse of power, they have risen, in their eyes, to a position that they feel they are in the company of the very elite.

When pride takes on the negative traits that were mentioned above, the people exhibiting them have placed himself or herself in a position where by they are their own gods. Because of pride, they are on top of everything, everyone and are felt to be untouchable. They can often be broken and hurting people, but their pride keeps them from those inner hurts. Admitting need is to admit weakness and they’re not willing to go there. Their total belief system is self-centered. They don’t allow others to get really close because to do so would jeopardies their position of power and authority. Sadly, people who have placed themselves in this position are closed-minded. Their value is not in who they are but what they are, and when that ends, so do they. How does pride affect your life? Think about it.

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