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Sunday, December 29, 2013

First Presbyterian and Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church of Galeton, 12-29-13

First Presbyterian and Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church of Galeton, 12-29-13

by Martha Pennell,

The Session and the Deacons of First Presbyterian met after worship today to discuss the duties and plans of each group in leading the congregation in 2014. 

The Fellowship dinner of the two congregations will be held at Saint Paul’s on Sunday, January 5th, at 4 pm. Walt and Barb Schaffer will be our hosts. 

The Shared Ministry Committee of the two congregations will meet at Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church on Wednesday, January 8th, at 7 pm. 

A benefit dinner (soup, beverage, and dessert) for Ila Group will be held Thursday, January 9th, from 4 to 6 pm at the First Presbyterian Christian Education building. Cost is $7 for adults, $5 for children, and free for children ages five years and under. There will be a Chinese auction through the evening. 

“Line up With Jesus” was the title of Pastor Tom’s sermon on the first Sunday after Christmas.

 Pastor Tom opened his sermon with a rhyme: God has a plan, forever is its span, Jesus is the man! 

He told us that part of God’s plan is to bring us to glory, which means completion, unity, and full kinship with the rest of creation. We are pressing on to perfection. Jesus has known pain and suffering, met with temptation, and is a pioneer of spiritual excellence. Pastor Tom said that Jesus moves darkness to light, the blind to sight and the captive to freedom. He keeps us moving toward glory; we are receivers of his richness. 

Tom told us a story about a sail boat ride he once took. As his mariner friend Starling turned the tiller to get wind into the sail, water sprayed above his head and a rainbow was visible. This experience was likened by Pastor Tom to being in line with Jesus, concluding that the Gospel states that Jesus saves, but we need to line up with him so the wind fills our sails! 

From our Unison Prayer: God, we thank you for the gifts of life. Turn us to you as we complete one year and begin another. Be our companion and our comforter so we don’t grow weary in well-doing. Move us to use our time to build your kingdom and be blessings to our families, our friends and our community. 


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