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Saturday, December 14, 2013

John Hanger intervenes – gas drillers back down

John Hanger intervenes – gas drillers back down

Families with contaminated wells get to keep water tanks

New York City – After John Hanger took action to directly intervene, a gas driller reversed course and cancelled plans to remove water tanks from Susquehanna County families whose wells are contaminated by methane. Hanger wrote to the governor and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and called on DEP to demand that WPX Energy cancel plans to remove the water tanks, the only source of water for the families.

“WPX’s cold-hearted plan to remove the only source of water from these families whose wells were contaminated shortly after the company began drilling nearby was unconscionable,” said Hanger. “WPX’s plan to remove the tanks at Christmas time would make the Grinch smile. And to justify its actions the company ‘thought up a lie and thought it up quick’.”

“The company’s claim that they were planning to allow the tanks to remain is simply contradicted by the facts,” said Hanger. “Not only had the company spent tens of thousands of dollars in court fighting for legal cover to take the tanks, it had already ripped out a tank of one of the affected families.”

Hanger also called for DEP to reopen its investigation of the cause of the methane and heavy metal contamination that renders the families’ water unfit to use for anything. DEP initially concluded that a connection between drilling and the subsequent water well contamination could not be proven. But new data gathered and analyzed by Professor Tom Darrah, a bio-geologist from Ohio State University, indicates that the contamination is the result of nearby gas drilling.

“I received a call from a DEP official who told me that the agency will reopen its investigation,” said Hanger. “I am happy that the Franklin Fork families will now be able to enjoy the holidays in their homes. And I hope that the facts will compel WPX to treat these families fairly and permanently replace the water that it ruined.”


Democratic candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania John Hanger is widely regarded as one of the most insightful and best informed progressive public policy experts in the state. Formerly a public-interest lawyer advocating on behalf of low-income families, John is nationally recognized as a leading authority on clean energy development and environmental protection. He served both Governors Casey and Rendell in key positions: first for Bob Casey as Commissioner of the Public Utilities Commission, where he successfully fought to cap electric rates to save Pennsylvania ratepayers billions and for two years as Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection in the Rendell Administration. Throughout his career in public service, John has embodied the essence of his campaign slogan "Policy first, politics second."


Anonymous said...

Thank you, John Hanger, for being a politician who takes action on behalf of the people!! You've got my vote.

Anonymous said...

this guy needs more votes he is a good American and will do wonders for P.A. almost the whole company I work for is gonna vote for this guy he deserves a chance..and Pennsylvania needs change asap

Anonymous said...

You better hope the company you work for stays in business if he gets in !